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  1. nice , i love the layout , lavender color are so sweet just like u , ppl with blog that involve news & translation are so cool , ton of work and effort , compare to me , baby your an army of working ants while im a snail in a dirty . thank.
  2. sarN

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    did i mention in the old version after the P"k r' the N"k ...he smoke by the window..... :blink:
  3. sarN

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    yup the one with saurya , it was funnie . i like the part she dress as a belly dancer ..the outfit back then was ...FOB
  4. sarN

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    the old version is better + funnier ! The N'k was ...short ...very short ! She probable reach up to his nipple! In the original there an R' + Willing + nose bit + real kiss + dirty dancing.
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