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  1. does anyone feel bad for Miss Columbia?

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    2. Kimix


      Sunny, I don't want to drag this on, but I stand by my words, I do not feel one single bit of sympathy for Miss Colombia. Even before Steve made the utterly stupid mistake, I was quite surprised how she won....then it turned out it was an utterly stupid mistake because Miss Philippines should have been crowned rightfully. If you watch the clip, Miss Colombia's reaction was she did not want to give away the crown to the rightful winner. It was stupid and embarrassing for Colombia but...

    3. Noydarny80


      Even if Steve didn't make the mistake, Miss Colombia was not the winner. The answer to the last question was completely nonsense and didn't answer the judges question. Miss Colombia said she deserved to win because she is the third Colombia to make this far. And she is awesome because she is Latina women.

    4. Sunny


      I believe she was utterly confused because she did not speak English and needed a translator so while being on stage she was probably more confused vs not wanting to give away the crown. I think it was wrong that Miss Universe who was Colombia from last year did not even tell her but only rub her back or something. Put yourself in both their shoes. Not look from the outside.

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