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  1. The cast for Dok Soke have been confirmed to be Pong Nawat, Charebelle Lanlalin, Jeab Sopidnapa

    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact-Scenario)



    and also this lakorn have been cancel. Please movie to the "Old Stock/ Unconfirmed"

    [CH5] Pidsawat (Exact - Scenario) Pong Nawat, Bee Namthip, Pim Zaza


  2. Is anyone have problem logging in to Youtube?

    Lately I can't seem to log into my user. Every time I log in I get this page saying "Update your YouTube account by linking to a Google Account" I don't know what to do. Even if I finish fill in that page it take me to a different page and it seem like I'm creating a new accounts and I'm not going to my accounts. I haven't touch page 2 yet I just log out.

    Do I have to creating a new accounts?

  3. Hi Ya, I finally got arould to my fan artwork site and update a bunch of my artworks and other things.

    Update Nov 13, 09

    Here the link:

    Fans artworks Site *new*


    >>>also I change a newlayout for Cheer Forum and update in some stuff in some section for Cheer forum.

    >>>I haven't got arould to Poo forum to change the layout and banner it been a while so it might take me a while to update poo forum.

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