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  1. Can admin add their name to the tag. They been confirm.

    Green Atsadaporn
    S Kantapong
    Bank Artit
    Mookda Narin
    Guy Ratchanon
    Note Watcharabul
    Nook Suthida
    Jab Penpetch
    Also please add their name to this lakorn. they have the fitting already. Ken Theeradeth & Chompoo Araya
    Mario confirm Mai Davika to be in this lakorn with him
    Also these lakorn been finish a while ago:

  2. No photos of the event yet but soon....

    Finaleweddingmagazine had their event to show their new collection wedding dresses for 2016. The new collection is "Silver & Gold Elegant."

    Here some of the actresses that going to be in this event tonight. I only list a few name here but there are more other actresses & actor that are in this event.

    Pancake Khemanit
    Cheer Thikumporn
    Namfon Patcharin
    Kwan Usamanee
    Vill Wannarot
    Benz Punyaporn
    Grace Karnklao
    Yardthip Rachapal
    Cat Stephany
    Green Atsadaporn
    Now Tisanart
    Bow Mayladasusri
    Tuptim Unyarin
    Tangmo Pataritda
    Nychaa Nuttanicha

    Pla Parapadsorn...and ect.....


    Photos of this event may be up later tomorrow if fans want to share any of their stars that attend this event. Feel free to post.

  3. Thanks for the news Shampoo.

    I saw the news but didn't know what it was about. This is sad I really adore Sean and Esther and now this news. I wish them good luck even they not a kk couple any more. I wonder how they feel about each other now that they are filming "Ngao Asoke ". it must be award.

    I'm not sure what this said but it look like fans

    Link: เอสเธอร์ โดนถล่ม IG ยับ คาดปมดราม่าเอี่ยว ฌอห์ณ คู่จิ้น


  4. Can the admin slip my post in this thread and make into a new thread. Its not relate to this lakorn since its different. (Ya can go check it out in the thread if ya think make a new thread or just leave it)

    My post I stared is at post 572 on this thread:


    If ya think it should have it own thread here the info....

    Channel (??? / Sorry don't know the ch yet) Title: Prissana the Series (Company : Srikhumrung Production)

    List actor is :Esther Supreeleela, (for now / don't know who else is in here)

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