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  1. The snow storm hit Texas so bad. I’ve been without water, power, and heat since 5am. Going to try to sleep early and hope things are back on tomorrow. Layering up going to bed and been using water bottles to wash hands and brush my teeth :(

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    2. shampoo


      I wish they could have done more to prepared when there was a week noticed how the polar vortex is going to hit the south. 

      im glad the situation is improving... the insurances will cover the house but life can’t be brought back.

      has your governor try to do anything? 

    3. kjc1994


      @shampoo He’s blaming everything and everyone but not trying to solve the problem. It’s so irritating. I pray they cancel school until everyone is back to normal. I’ve been checking on my students and their parents and some are STILL without power and water. Really feel bad for them because my students are 5-6 years old and have baby siblings. I’m thankful I have power again but haven’t had water since Monday! It’s terrible.

    4. shampoo


      i think they’re donating water in Houston? I think that’s what AOC has been doing. Also the store looks run out of water and food so that will suck too. Be careful with any water though they been advising yo boil it if you have any. 

      A lot of people will be too busy fixing their houses and get get back to where they were even with power back on.

      I think Texas’ problem is they tried to interfere with other states politics too much but not solving their own. I really do have a hatred for Texas politicians. Lol 

      Also FEMA has not received any instructions by the state how to distribute stuff.... I don’t know what Abbott is doing.

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