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  1. Happy Friday!! Yay, I’ll have more time to enjoy some C-dramas this weekend!!

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    2. Kate562


      Sunny, yeah, I didn’t know what it’s about from the title either. Lol. I only watch it cus I wanted to try out one of Allen REN’s series. The first 20eps got me hooked. I cold, no feeling CEO that he portray, but he wasn’t the type of a push over like the typical ML. It was nice character. Does Allen Ren not do real kissing cus the was no kissing at all in the drama(kissing on the cheek doesn’t counts, haha). We probably won’t see any in the Blue Whisper.

    3. Sunny


      See I like kisses that's what I watching for 99% of the time:pls:

    4. Kate562


      Haha, I do too. It’s kinda weird when Cdramas doesn’t do kissing scenes. Look what you got me into, Sunny. Lol

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