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  1. Happy Friday!!! I can’t wait for the weekend to enjoy watching Casual and Perfect!! :t4529:

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    2. Sunny


      Ahh I love her messy hair it made it even more sexy *shy* yea he is quite gentle even though he's older. *hehe* I think the age difference limited them to kisses plus he's married already in real life so hahah.

    3. Kate562


      The messy hair and that kiss on her chest makes it hot!! Haha. It was cute in the bst, he pick her up and said sorry. Oh I didn’t know he’s married.

    4. Sunny


      Yes he's in his 40s so it's no surprise he would be married by now. I saw them in a fan meeting, they were so chemistry less off screen it was so weird haha lucky on screen they looked good and in love. :555-:

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