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  1. Hello everyone! does anyone know where I can watch "Petch Tud Petch" lakron? I have been searching on internet but lately I couldn't find at all.

    1. Noydarny80


      Petch Tud Petch will stop showing until the King's grieving period is over. In place they will show Weir and Min new lakorn.

  2. Can someone update me what is going with Kwan and Golf and the mother? I have see them on the news talk about wedding, and but her mom is not approve or something. Please Please update me with the news. Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know when Kwan and Weir's new lakron will be airing???

    1. aikoden


      During his Meet & Greet in Fresno, he mentioned that his lakorns with Kwan and Min will air in November.

  4. In my opinion, Kwan and Golf don't match well together. What do you guy think??? I might be wrong, remember is just my opinion only, ok

    1. Karisma89


      Don't worry you're not alone lol I'm in the same boat...I don't really like Kwan with Golf either...

  5. Hello! I'm curious, is kwan and golf date or they are just good friend?

  6. Does anyone know when Kwan lakron will come out???

    1. Noydarny80


      The one with Weir is going to be a while because they just started to film like last week.

    2. NinjaKKN


      Her lakorn with Win should be out by the end of this year.

  7. Does anyone know when Kwan and Will new drama will be airing???

    1. Noydarny80


      Who is Will? are you talking about Win? Its going to be awhile it might be early next year.

  8. Hi! does anyone know if Kwan and Win have complete their fitting for new lakron that they pair together???

    1. Mai


      yes the pictures are posted in their lakorn thread. Just look for the purple threads in the lakorn section

  9. Does anyone here know when Kwan's new lakron will be airing??? and how many more new lakron she is in this year??? Thank you.

    1. NinjaKKN


      She haven't started filming her new lakorns yet. Lol It will take awhile.

    2. NinjaKKN


      And oh, Kwan has two new lakorns, a romantic comedy with Win and an action drama with Weir.

  10. Does anyone here know when Kwan's new lakron will be airing??? and how many more new lakron she is in this year??? Thank you.

  11. Does Kwan and Tui are pair for another lakorn call "Dahlia" by the end of 2015 or something??

    1. krisayaporn


      I never heard this project before.

  12. Hello, does anyone in here know if Kwan has more new lakorn coming up beside Mai Sin Rai Fai Swat???? Please can someone tell me. Thank you.

    1. cheercee


      She has one with Win but they hasn't annoce what lakorn yet.

    2. Meiji


      Thank you very much for tell me about Kwan's new lakorn, cheercee!!

  13. Does anyone know if Kwan has another lakorn beside the one that with Tui is coming up in the Summer???

    1. Karisma89


      I also want to know. But I saw somewhere that Kwan was going to go study abroad? I wonder if that is true or not.

    2. krisayaporn


      I was heard that Kwan will play period lakorn, but it so quiet.

  14. hey you guy, does anyone know if Kwan is the owner of Festa Cafe??? Please let know because I want to go there next year to meet Kwan

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