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Converter For FLV To WMV

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I recommend 2 program but for me I like to use the first program cause it's easy

1. Name "Super" download

Free ware naka go to this website and move down you will see "Start Downloading SUPER © right now"

2.Riva FLV Encoder 2 na ka (my friend likes this more than the first one)go to download and read how to use here

I hope it'll help you na ka Ana

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Can someone tell me why the second one is better and doesn't the second one cost money?

I don't want to have to try both.

One of my relatives have the super version. I use that version. It's pretty good and does virtually what I want it to do for me. So I recommend that one. But I got it for free when I bought some program software for my course. So I'm not sure whether the new version requires its users to regisiter. Nor do I also know why the second version is better but Super to me is good enough. Does what I want so yeh hope that helps you decide.

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