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  1. where's the member status/comment box? Can we bring that back?? I still like to see what members are up to haha
  2. Hehe--watching the London Soccer Game and thinking of Chom's awesome hubby, Nott, who's a BIG fan! LOL He's such an admirer!

  3. all the money in the world cant buy happiness. poor people are still happy. rich people are depressed as sh8t! but I do really need to upgrade my phone! LMAO!

    1. tovsleeptov


      lol still having money is so much better than don't. May be cos I already have everything except money!!!

  4. Has anyone here encountered an experience that they really miss a guy. You miss him more when you don't see him around. What do you do? Cries* Sniff*

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    2. Sunny


      Chase him and everything will cure until it doesnt work out lol

    3. jackielee


      I hear you. Just stalk him lol jk....You can call him to see if he wants to hang out. I miss someone right now and sometimes I can get jealous when he hangs with someone else and not me. Lol

    4. Noydarny80


      Talk to him. Maybe he might have the same feeling as you. Take a leap of faith.

  5. Does anyone else feel like Donald Trump is the new Hitler?! A dictator, narcissist, xenophobia. He seems to follow Hitler's ideology closely. Using ethnic groups as the scapegoat to blame for America's failure.

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    2. Kimix


      lol. oh man, but to profile a specific race and blame them? I don't think so. There are just as many lazy whites than any other race, but he only targets minorities. To fix America, he shouldn't blame on other groups. Also, Trump has made some of the racist comments ever in any presidential candidate. I could only imagine whats gonnna happen once he becomes president. O.o

    3. ASH30


      Talking about Asians being on welfare and well off lol. I'very seen so many that's on welfare and driving Mercedes and BMW with diamonds wrapped around their neck lol. As much as Donald sounds bad, he's talking to a certain of people that are angry and feel forgotten. In the primary if his message is not being heard he would not have won. I don't think he'll win the general election but for now it's working for him.

    4. Kimix


      IDK-its kind of scary. he's taken over so many states, kicking out so many other candidates. at this point, I could really only see the presidential race between trump and bernie. I have a fear trump is likely going to win. my vote goes to bernie even he's so old. LOL.

  6. Why is the media making such a fuss about Malia Obama taking a gap year from college?! shoo

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    2. Sunny


      I took a gap year too

    3. Thip


      I took more than a gap hahahha

    4. shampoo


      Lmao she's going to Harvard so what? As long as she finishes school, doesn't matter if it's a gap year.

  7. Wow, surprisingly, I'm really enjoying Alek and Joy's lakorn. ahaha. it is the perfect mix of light comedy with cuteness and romance. I am so sick of heavily dramatized lakorn from anne's crazy desperate attention. lol

  8. Ahahahhaah. Lol. I just wanted to say, "even from miles away, I still know you're the best looking of the bunch!" LMAO! sajai maak! LOL.

  9. Jung Yong-Hwa is toooooooooooooo SWEET!! Aww! Somebody jump me?!?!?! LOL! He's in LA! OMG! What a surprise! It's probably meant to be! Lol! How sad, we are in one country, but I am so far away my dear Oppa! lol! Heart you much! <3

  10. Saranghaeyo Jung Yong-Hwa! hahah :) I think I have a new obsession and crush! :)

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    2. Kimix


      hehehe :) girls. Yes, I am watching Heartstrings! Oh-man, never thought I would find myself watching another Kdrama again. Because its been YEARS since I've seen one. haha :)

    3. Kimix


      Thip, my heart gets so excited about him. lol I don't know why. haha :)

      @rose, yes, he's def not the most gorgeous (all overly hot type), but he's the kind that you have to dig really deep to find his charm. I adore him every second that I watch him in Heartstrings! Oh--man, so happy about him. Lol. :P:)

    4. Thip


      I think I felt teh same way when I watched him in Heartsrings although I saw him first in You're Beautiful. If you watch that, you'd probably feel sorry for him cuz he played the nice typical supporting actor that dosn't get the girl at the end lol but I didnt really cared much for him in YB bc I was too obssessed with Keun Suk hahahha

  11. Panicking! Driver's License is expiring in 2 months, and I just moved to a different state! OMG. HATE going to the registration place! It is so packed and crowded with all sorts of people! LOL

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    2. pam


      Just changed mine recently after three yrs in a different state lol

    3. Noydarny80


      Why not just change to the state you are at now?

    4. hentram


      Just make an appointment with the DMV online, then u just go straigth to the Appointment Line Section, no need to get in line/waiting.

  12. Anyone know what this Kdrama is? Omg, it looks so good and so sad! I randomly stumbled upon it. It only has Chinese writing. :(

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    2. Thip


      I know! But I don't think I'll be able to watch it. I haven't been up to date with Kdramas for awhile, only my sister is watching and fangirling in her room hhaha

    3. tovsleeptov


      Lol my sister always stay in her room watching dramas too. how I envy her since I'm having a busy life.

    4. Sreymao


      Hello uncle Jesse

  13. So bored, people! lol Need a good lakorn to really kickstart my weekend. hahahaha! What are people doing this weekend? V-day weekend?

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    2. MeU


      Haha last year theme was like high school. They're so sexy this year!! Haha

    3. Sunny


      What they do? lol

    4. MeU


      They went on a date. I think its a romantic too. They both dressed up so well LOL that's all I know LOL

  14. What production is TV Thunder or Thunder TV?? Cries* Last I read, Mark and Margie are pairing up for the firs time for the remake of Khun Jaew Kapao Kai Khun Chai Khai Dao (Kob/Hugo's comedy years ago!) I am not ready for another comedy and the fact its Margie....what??? They don't even have chemistry! WTF is wrong with some of these productions!! Cries*

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    2. Kimix


      555555555555+ New n'ek is fine, but please pick n'ek that are eye candy, ok!?! Lol. I can't watch non-eye-candy n' hurts my mood.LMAO!!!

      Where did you hear that Raknara is going to start in May? Ive been stalking Mark's official fcs and they're just silently waiting to find out too. lol :P

    3. Noydarny80


      TV Thunder is not a good production in my view. They did the remake of Janie and Andrew lakorn with Por and Preem.

    4. MeU


      I've never heard of this production so I hope they're okay. LOL I remember Taew or Mew, I am not sure but i think taew because she said raknakara will start filming after Nakee. I'm hoping soon.

  15. Im so bored, but everytime I watch this CH3 Power Couple dance, I'm always rolling on floor laughing. lmbo