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    Is it possible if one of the Admin edit my first post in Ngao's Jai's thread by adding the following hidden content after the last sentence in my post, please? If yes, thank you so much! If not, it's okay. ^_^ Thanks! Updated: Here's Aiyaja's translated synopsis for Ngao Jai. Now, Exact may change some things around for their remake. Thanks a lot to sweet Aiyaja for all her hard work in translating the storyline for us. Thanks, Aiyaja! *cakm* [hide] The Thaidee Patmaan Store is the mall of the Thai people, the only mall that is left in present day. It is ran by the Wootitam family, Khun Wit and his adopted son, Wathit. Wathit is an intelligent Executive Director with lots of capabilities, but he is someone who is extremely stubborn and it displeases him when people oppose him, not following his orders. With Wathit’s wits, he was able to expand business in the midst of a harsh economic recession/downfall. However, Wathit has a heart illness that require doctors to care for him closely. Khun Wit is very concerned about Wathit’s health condition because if anything was to happen to him, they would lose the trust of all of the shareholders. Being a charismatic bachelor, many girls fall for Wathit including Kinaree, the daughter of Gitjaa, Wathit’s primary physician. Kinaree tries to win Wathit’s heart but fails, only hoping that one day Wathit can see her goodness and accept her love. Wathit only sees Kinaree as a good friend because he has fallen in love with Maytinee, the daughter of Khun Manee, a distant relative of Khun Wit. Maytinee already has a boyfriend, Anggoon. On the outside, Anggoon looks very sweet and a hard worker. However, in reality, he has a strong vengeance towards the Wootitam family. Anggoon’s Father was one of the executive directors when the company first began but Khun Wit fired him due to business disagreements, so he grieved to death leaving Anggoon growing up with his Mother at a young age. Anggoon is determined to regain back the company as his own one day. Khun Wit came to Khun Manee and begged her to have Maytinee marry Wathit and in exchange, he will support Maytinee’s younger brother until he graduates from college. Maytinee rejected the proposal and stood by her words that money can never buy her heart; she loves Anggoon and will never break up with him. Khun Wit didn’t want Wathit to be disappointed and heartbroken, so he met up with Anggoon and proposed an offer Anggoon couldn’t reject. Khun Wit was willing to give Anggoon a high position within the company if he agreed to break up with Maytinee. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to plot against the Wootitam family and one day regain the company back as his own, Anggoon accepts the offer. Anggoon breaks up with Maytinee giving reason that it’s best for both of their futures and even though, they cannot share a life together, but they both promise to still love each other. Anggoon knows that by breaking up with Maytinee, she has no other choice but to marry Wathit and when she does, she will have ownership to all of Wathit’s wealth. Anggoon believes that Maytinee loves him enough to re-marry him with no hesitation. On a quiet front in Ratchaburi, Roothon is working in the fields of a farm, a farm that belongs to one of his friends Jamnong. Roothon’s friends are worried that he has not shown any signs of exhaustion. They were hoping that he would be too busy to remember the disappointment from Bootsaban, Root’s girlfriend who went to study overseas and eventually married, Rawee, a Thai American businessman. Root is surprised when his friends, Anoowat and Jamnong show him a photo of Wathit and May at their engagement party because they thought Root and Wathit looked so much alike, enough to be the same person. Khun Raem, Root’s Mother, saw the photo and was really happy, so she began to tell Root stories of the past. Khun Raem had twin boys, but had to give one up to Khun Wit because she was too poor to raise them both, so Root now knows that he has a twin brother out there. At Wathit and May’s wedding, Anggoon gives May a present to remember their profound past. It was a necklace with a heart shaped locket with their photo in it. Wathit’s heart condition began to worsen when he saw the present and had to be sent to the hospital. May felt guilty for being the cause of Wathit’s heart condition relapse. Kinaree comes to visit Wathit and finds out the true reason for his relapse and hates May even more for choosing someone else over her own husband. Kinaree continues to take care of Wathit in the hospital while May can’t help but to pity Kinaree. Anggoon begins to build power within the company and recruits the manager of sales, Weenit, and together, they begin to cheat money from the company while Khun Wit was too busy stressing over Wathit’s health. During this time, Anggoon showed no respect nor courtesy, as he came to see May openly without caring. Right when Anggoon discovered that Wathit’s condition was improving, he immediately rolled out his next evil plan. Anggoon sneaked into Wathit’s hospital room and slowly poisoned Wathit cold heartedly before he slyly exited. Wathit had a sudden heart attack. Khun Wit came in to visit Wathit and was shocked to find him dead. With the current business situation, Khun Wit cannot allow anyone especially the shareholders to know that Wathit has passed away and secondly, he believes Wathit’s death was a homicide, so he has to find out who did it. Khun Wit suddenly thought of Root, so he instantly traveled to Ratchaburi to have Root disguise as Wathit. Root didn’t agree to it at first but because Khun Raem was diagnosed with kidney illness that requires a lot of money for treatment, he was forced to agree in the end. Khun Wit brought Root to the house with everyone welcoming him back home while May noticed the difference right away and began trying to catch his wrongdoings. Root is displeased at May for being so close to Anggoon when she is already a married woman. Root and May argue all the time, which created more suspicion every time for May. Wathit and Root’s characteristics are very different. Root is friends with everyone in the house and has a very cheerful personality. One day, May and Root went to visit Khun Manee at the garden house. Root invited Khun Manee and Maithree, May’s little brother, to live with them, when before, Wathit didn’t want May’s family to live with them. May was so touched and impressed by this gesture, she began to have good feelings towards Root. Anggoon was disappointed that Wathit didn’t die but he began to suspect Root because he doesn’t seem to be the same Wathit. Root has no knowledge or experience when it comes to the business field, so he was almost caught red handed by Anggoon several times; however, Root was able to escape the suspicion from the other executives and shareholders because of Kinaree’s constant help and advice. Root and Kinaree had more interactions; thus, they became closer and would make May jealous without knowing. Anggoon followed his next plans. He slept with Ruay, Khun Wit’s secretary and was able to gain access to valuable information, which enabled Anggoon and Weenit to steal millions of baht from the company. Ruay joined hands with Anggoon because he promised he was sincere towards her. Ruay almost got into altercations with May due to her jealous nature, but Anggoon was able to stop her every time. Root had to return back to Ratchaburi to visit Khun Raem, which created even more suspicion for May because Wathit has never been out of town ever since she’s known him. May followed Root but was stopped by Kinaree. Kinaree was able to follow Root to the farm at Ratchaburi. She forced Root to tell her the truth. She shared her concerns with Root telling him that she believes May collaborated with Anggoon in eliminating Wathit in order to gain the company. Root doesn’t want to believe it and wishes to verify it himself. There is a fierce competition in department stores, Rawee, the Thai American businessman contacted Khun Wit expressing his interest in the company’s stocks/shares. The joint venture made Bootsaban meet Root again. Bootsaban is certain that it’s Root and not Wathit like everyone else believes. The negotiations were a fail. Khun Wit would not sell any shares/stocks to Rawee. Rawee then planned to overtake Khun Wit’s businesses the crooked way and joined with Anggoon to eliminate Root and Khun Wit. Bootsaban runs to Root for help. She asks him if she can stay at the farm house in Ratchaburi to run away from Rawee because she can’t stand his philandering ways anymore. Because of the love Root used to have for Bootsaban, he tells her the truth and promises to help her from Rawee. May shares her suspicions with Anggoon that the Wathit now is a fake. Anggoon tells May to join him in revealing the truth. Anggoon and Rawee search for evidence to accuse and chain Root as Wathit’s murderer. On the day Root takes Bootsaban to the farm house in Ratchaburi, May follows and discovers the truth that Root really isn’t Wathit and demands to go her separate way. Root tries to explain things to May but she doesn’t listen, only believing that he killed Wathit for business profits. May quickly goes back to the city, Bangkok, to tell Khun Wit about the truth but he’s in a conference. May returns home, packs up her bags, and goes back to live with her Mom at the garden house. Root chases after May to amend things but May doesn’t give in. May calls Root a bad person, which angers him, so he hugs and kisses her. May slaps him with a serious tone and demands him to leave. Root leaves with his shattered heart. At the same time, Khun Wit returns home but is shot and dies. Anggoon calls the police and tells them that Root is a fake. The police gather all of the evidence, which points to Root as the primary suspect in killing both the Father and Son duo for money. Root almost gets captured by the police but May assures them that she was with him that night, so Root was let go. With the help of Bootsaban, Kinaree, and May, Root was able to reveal who were the masterminds of these evil plans, Anggoon and Rawee. In Khun Wit’s will, he gave everything to May. Root bid May farewell to return to his farm at Ratchaburi. May begged Root to continue Wathit’s duties. Root rejected her request because he has to return to care for his Mother, Khun Raem, who has a kidney illness. May understands and they promise that they’ll be each other’s hearts’ shadow (ngao jai) forever. The End.[/hide]
  13. AHHH! I'm in heaven now! Toomtam and Vill will reunite in Ngao Jai. I'm so happy and super crazy right now. Thank you, Exact! Thank you, Aom Piyada! T_T Looking forward to Toomtam - Vill again. ='D

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      YES! I hope this time, they will have a better storylline, SSP disappointed me :(

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      @ Nadeige2009: Same here! ^_^ Although I do love SSP, Ngao Jai needs to be even better to heal our hearts! xD

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