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  1. Has anybody here been to New York before? Is it worth visiting? 

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    2. shampoo


      Actually, New York is popular for its use of taxi and especially underground train station. It will take you from point a to point b and required some walking distance. Even some well off people will take the train. We were on a train with these two well dress father and son using the train with all their golfs equipment. lol It is the most convenient way of transportation and faster then you can uber or taxi to your destination. It's cheaper that way. However, New York City has changed so much within a few years. Their train station pass has changed and confusing. 

    3. tovsleeptov


      yes, I did looking up on YouTube on how to use the subway, even download the city map lol. having to walk to the train station, 10 mins to the train station, and another 10 from the station to the destination is not bad, but 20 mins to the station nah. I feel that taxi is better for a 20-30 mins walk eh? or we can just walk lol. looking at building and shop make 30 mins walk go by pretty fast.

    4. shampoo


      Train station is everywhere within walking distance, at every corner. But those are smaller line so if you want to go somewhere farther, you will have to stop by the bigger station to switch line. Sometimes it's hard to take taxi due to the traffic there.  lol First year went, bought that package book for $150 dollars... I think it was $150 or less, don't remember but I thought that book was well worth it. I went to almost all of those place and you either get it at a better discount or some of them are free if you bought that book. Second time, only went for the weekend so it was more of relaxing and not doing much of touristy stuff. 

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