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  1. I really feel like translating some Thai novels but sadly I have no motivation. 5555

    1. m3lhouse


      Don't do it, you'll lose you're whole life for a while Ahahaha novels are so much better than lakorns... Do you buy e-books or paperbacks? I get so annoyed that some of my favorites aren't available for e-books but a real copy will cost like $35 :/

    2. shampoo


      That's how I feel all the time

    3. NinjaKKN


      There's no way I'm spending &35 for a book. Lol Especially when the actual price is only 200-400 baht. My cousin buy them for me in Thailand and then mail me a box full of books. She gives me ebooks too but I prefer paperbacks especially those with pretty cover.

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