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  1. I really feel like translating some Thai novels but sadly I have no motivation. 5555

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    2. m3lhouse


      I think I only bought 2 for $30 something dollars before discovering Ebooks. I prefer paperbacks too coz it's easier to read while in bed than a tablet. I feel ripped off no matter what though coz I won't buy the ebooks until I read them from the novel blogs. But they upload so much of the novel that there's only like 100 pages left of the novel so I feel ripped off for paying $8 just to finish the last few chapters ahahaha

    3. ladc


      You should! I would read it! I have seen positive reviews of Thai novels and want to read it, but unfortunately I can't read in Thai :(

    4. honda


      Do it! I would totally read it!

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