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  1. Out here camping & I can see the fishes jumping up from the water lol #TooCool

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    2. Sreymao


      Yea its expanding.  The mall is close to the airport also. Funny, I lived in Minnesota but I hardly go to MOA. Its crazy around the weekend unless I go and see celebrities I'm ok with small mall shopping.  Holidays are worst. . So far I've seen a few celebrities.  NYSCE when Sam goody was still around. Days of our live cast in the late 90s. Britney name a few lol. Good times. @passionalee Minnesota it's more of a nature states. we have our 4 season and we are land of 10,000 plus lakes. Up in the air I see Minnesota as a swamp state lol. 

    3. passionalee


      Oh wow! Nice to know! Thank you for the infos! I hate crowed place. Lol everyone bumping into one another n pushing n not saying sorry. Smh. 

    4. Sreymao


       Your welcome.  We minnesotans are nice people lol and it cheaper living then  in California.  I spend my teenage years in California.  Looking at it now, I won't live there but I tend to visit every year it's my second home. @passionalee

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