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  1. I marathon this C-drama "girl who wear earrings" up to episodes 20. Then I watched a MV of the drama and decided to read a few comments. Well, one comment gave out the spoiler that the guy died at the end. I'm bummed out now I won't finish it. I usually don't mind spoiler but for this I really don't want the lead guy to die lol. And watching up to episodes 20 it makes no sense to kill him off. So stupid!!!

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    2. NinjaKKN


      555 I actually like spoilers. So I can know if my heart can take it or not.

    3. ASH30


      I'm a spoiler lover myself. Even if the lead guy is such a jerk in here lol. He literally slammed the n'ek against the wall or whatever he can find...and shove her around a lot but I kind of like him hahaha. By episodes 20 he came a long way so to kill him off is such a wasted effort on the character. There's not a lot of dramas or lakorns where a lead is dead at the end...and damn it I don't want it to be this one. Ok ranting over lol

    4. Sunny


      Hahaha just skip straight to the ending!

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