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  1. Just got back from London. To me, it's boring and so freaking cold lol. And I packed all summer clothes. I did eat a lot there though. My favorite food so far there is Iraqi and lamb hamburger. I don't think I would want to go back not because it's not a beautiful place it just more like New York than anything for me. And I don't care for New York all that much lol. Too busy of a place for me.

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    2. tipstar


      Australia is a great country but sometimes, I feel like it's quite rustic compared to Europe and North America. I loved the fashion in Europe and the Indian food in England is awesome. But their Asian food is terrible.

    3. ASH30


      I have never had Iraqi food but it's so good. The lamb is awesome. And labenese food was good too. We had pho and it was.so.awful there. But their dimsum is good at ping pong. People always tell me London is the place to go...but when I got there was disappointed. Japan would have been better :)

    4. Sunny


      Australia is indeed a very long way b/h Europe and most Asian countries, especially our technology speed and transportation and living cost is expensive but I can sort of understand, the country is huge compare to the its population. I've always imagined if history wasn't so kind and Australia was an Island of 7 countries, how advanced or different will it be.

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