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  1. My son is only in 5th grade and he's having pimples, using deodorant and his school already teach them sex education. Gosh, why do kids nowadays grow up so fast. And about 2 more inch. He will be as tall as me :(

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    2. ASH30


      I was surprised when he said they are having sex ed. They are too young and sure enough my son thought it was funny because he was joking with his 7 year old brother afterward. It was as 6 grades with us. They brought condoms and a banana showing us how to put it on lol. But the kids end up blowing the condoms up lol

    3. Sreymao


      Really? My oldest have another year left then lol. What is this all about? It's too early. They usually teach about it be before entering junior high. What kids are having sex now? Think about it I don't want my boys to grow up so fast. Girl now mature so fast. My cousin mature at about 14 while her younger sister at age 11 she got her period and everything

    4. ashamb


      I haven't even talk to my girls about the birds & the bees. They're 12 & 14 now. I just told/remind them do not let anyone touch them inappropriately. My husband enroll them in taekwondo class so they're able to defend themselves.

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