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  1. I'm so glad to see my songs couple again in public!! I hope to see more of them. Or they should just get married already!! Hehe they're so cute.

  2. Song Joong Ki and SHK should get married already! I'm a bit obsessed over them at the moment! They are so cute. Looking at Mvs and pictures of them, I think they look so alike. They will make good looking babies!!!

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    2. shampoo


      Lmao @MeU. Fighting. It's true, they have everything. Their wedding should be grand.

    3. Sunny


      Whenever, wherever you are... SongSong couple... You are my everything. ~~ !!

    4. MeU


      Haha yes fighting Songsong!! Haha that song fit them! Someone should make an mv with that song!

  3. Haha I just saw a clip of Mark grabs Weir's butt. LOL

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    2. Kimix


      WTF?!?! so stupid! wow, Dom is a dummy for real! what a freaking dummy and attention whore! You know Mark starts hanging out with that dummy, he's gonna become one himself. lol So stupid!

    3. Kimix


      I didn't get to see WTF?! Wanna see how realistic it looks. I bet haters captured that moment! LOL. So dumb though; attention whore Dom...he's dirty

    4. Kimix


      Btw, I thought Mark was in Korea lol, did he hop over to Japan with the dirty Dom...so shameless lol

  4. Song song shipper!!! Dots fever is high!!! I can't wait for more. I think I'll be going insane when I'm in Cambodia and I can't watch this drama!!!

    1. tovsleeptov


      isn't it a good thing. cause you will be busy. you don't have to go crazy waiting every week like i do.

    2. MeU


      I guess but I would love to watch the drama too. Haha I know the waiting is insane! But I will get to watch this until the 25th. So we both can wait together until then. Haha I can't wait until Wednesday!

  5. I don't know why my sister foods always taste very salty! Gosh I always have to eat the foods she cooks too

  6. It's official! Hehe I will be gone next month on the 25. Hehe I'm so excited to see all my love ones. Hehe

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    2. Noydarny80


      Oh I guess you got your passport. Have fun and enjoy the new Year in Cambodia.

    3. MeU


      Thank you guys. Hehe Yeah, I finally can travel!!!

    4. Sunny


      Have a safe travel :)

  7. I'm hoping my sweetheart's lakorn won't be on air until mid May. Haha I will be in Cambodia this April. Hehe I don't want to missed anything. Khun Tu ka take your time on editing BA.

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    2. Kimix


      oh man--I wanna meet him before he's married. I like my guy single and available! LOL. Well, hope you have a fun trip to Cambodia. I'm sure you can catch Thai shows in Cambodia no? lol haha XD

    3. Kimix


      When my turn comes, I am not holding back! I will go up to him and use both English and Thai LOL and ask for a HUG. Take multiple selfies! hahaha I think he'll be thrilled to have a lovely fan like me! LOL hahahahaha I sound like a crazy/obsessive fan, but I may be so if ever meeting Mark in person! :) :) :) hahaha XD

    4. MeU


      Hahahaha I will be so little standing next to him. Haha I think I will faint if I ever get to meet him. Haha Even if I go there in two years, I will just there to take pictures. I'm not brave enough. You'll have to share pictures with me though. Don't keep it to yourself. Hahaha we both can go crazy together! Hehe

      Thank you. I'm so nervous and excited at the sametime. Yes they do but it will be in Khmer dubbed! But I want to hear Mark's sexy voices! :(

  8. Milly and Nikki are too cute!! Love it when they posted pictures of them together on ig. LOL i feel so gay.

  9. I'm so proud of my baby, Mark. Hehe congratulations na ka tee ruk!!*ey mak* Please accept more lakorns so I don't have to wait so long to see you on screen again!!

    1. Kimix


      lmao! Still waiting for the sweetheart to show up and all the other people to go. lol Apparently, they have two graduation days? lol Yesterday his Fanclub stormed the hall lol Congrats sweetheart Mark! You earned it and we are all so proud of you! :)

    2. MeU


      Haha I like the picture Kim posted of her and Mark. Sooo cute. He looks very happy. I'm happy too. LOL yeah, yesterday was just a practice day and today is the official. ;)

  10. Yaya is in Cambodia!! I really wish I could stalk her LOL but I'm stuck in Canada!!!! I can't go anywhere:(

    1. Kulab


      It's like talk of the town in Cambodia now and it's all over the news that a Thai superstar is visiting Siem Reap. My parents are actually there atm and met her. My mom being a very big Yaya fan says she's very sweet and down to earth. Ott jess vai rek twer douch kloun aeng lers neak dortey. Sopheap reabsa thlaiy thnor nass haha.

    2. MeU


      Aww lucky her. Yeah, I saw the news. LOL many Cambodian adore her. But if I ever get to meet her, I will not be brave enough to go up to her. Haha

  11. Pancake and Toey P make a real good looking couple! They need to pair up haha

    1. Thip


      I was surprise too lol

  12. Cant wait to see Jao Chai Ariya!!! BuangAthitan teaser look so good!!!

    1. RakLakorn


      Yard is so beautiful! Cant wait to see Mark in traditional look :)

    2. Kimix


      Teaser looks so damn GOOD! Yard is indeed OMG so gorgeous!!!!!!There is more focus on Yard and Mark in the teaser lol but Jao Chai is indeed dreamy hahahahhhhahaha

    3. MeU


      haha Mark also looks very handsome in KC with Yaya! I cant wait to see him. the long hair is actually looking okay on him hahaha

  13. Happy birthday to my twin!!!! They're so cute! Can't wait to see more of them. Nikki is more open up with her cute boyfriend now. They make a very cute couple!! Milly is a bit lonely now haha

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    2. sunnyaucheung


      Nikki's bf seems like a nice guy but he's not that cute.lol

    3. MeU


      Haha good, I want Milly to be single. She is too cute. lol for me he is cute lol he's very tall too. Haha funny how Milly type is Chinese looking and Nikki is dating the Chinese looking one. Haha

    4. Thip
  14. So broke!!! Damn the stupid iPhone, my whole paycheque disappear in 5sec!!!!

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    2. MeU


      Thanks. Haha I'm sure I will love it. But oh boy is it so expensive.

    3. Kimix


      which one did u get, meu? lol

    4. MeU


      6s silver ;)

      At first I like the gold color but somehow silver is more attractive haha

  15. Grey's Anatomy got me addicted!!! I heart Meredith. Her character is so interesting. Falling in love with her instead of Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy haha

    1. NinjaKKN


      I heart Meredith and her soulmate, Christina more. 555

    2. MeU


      Haha they're funny. I'm on season 6 haha so slow. Oh I like their first hug!