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  1. I can get into Obizgo perfectly fine. Although, yesterday I couldn't view some of the lakorns, like it will say connecting to media for a long time and then just says ready but nothing will play. Other than that, it's working fine for me today.
  2. pragaidow


    The admininstrator at Sarnworld is migrating servers I think so thats what causes the time and everything to be off.
  3. The thing I hate about vixy.net is it sometimes gives me errors and then I have to restart the whole converting process again.
  4. I think the most you can do is screen shot it.
  5. pragaidow


    Do you want to make it using video clips or just pictures?
  6. Do you mean resize the font on the screen? If you have firefox browser go to tools>options>content and then you will see an area where you can change the font size and style. If you have IE browser, go to tools>internet options>general and at the way bottom you will see a button for fonts, just click on that and modify it. As for audio did you check if your sounds are off? Try right clicking on the sound icon and hit adjust audio properties to see if your sound is accidentally muted. If you don't have a sound icon on the right tray of your computer then just go to start>control panel>sounds, speech and audio devices and from there you can check your sounds. I hope that helps.
  7. I am not sure how to help too because I don't use wmp to burn I use Nero. And on Nero all you have to do is just click make your own dvd so that you can burn the lakorn episodes onto a dvd-r and watch them.
  8. Do you burn it as a data disc Pam or do you burn it as a VCD or DVD? Because if you burn it as a data disc then yes you can only watch it on the computer.
  9. Thanks for the info girls. Nana Pasa is pretty cool. So far I think the only class that has start is the Chinese one right? correct me if i am wrong.
  10. I will say go with the audio converter link one. It seems good just hope that there is no spyware in it.
  11. ooh free? did i just read free. lol. I want to learn how to read more in Thai. Thanks for the site link and I will join it as soon as I find time to so I can actually sit down and take the time to learn.

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