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  1. So channel 7 actually finds a way to contact your ISP if you upload/share their content? Eek. A friend of mines got a notice from her ISP and browser was disabled til she agreed not to share content again. It was channel 7 because on the warning it listed stuff that was alleged part of the report. It was channel 7 stuff.

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    2. Sunyah


      Wow CH7 is really stricked. Do they not want international fans. Look like they don't care about oversea fans.

      Anyway what about fans Mv, photos upload will dose that effect too.

    3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai


      Honestly, I'm not sure my motto would be when in doubt take it down lol. I find them to be hypocrites. They actually televise PPV events from America LIVE. Example they televise our boxing matches that we have to pay for per ppv and get all the ratings lol. We have to pay individually for those events! So hypocritical.

    4. Mai


      Wow that is something. I think thaiflix probably pay for a licence to put up their stuff.

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