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  1. I guess there's nothing going on in Thailand entertainment. The hottest issue the break up the Nangfah and Poo Praya failed relationship. 

    1. Mai


      Poo's boyfriend is really immature.  Every time they break up he deletes all her pics and unfollows her.  He kept her pics this time but unfollowed her.  Considering how theyre not even in Thialand but their actions always tells the public if theyre together or broken up

    2. Noydarny80


      Well I think it's a normal reaction when you break up with someone; you want to get rid of their pictures and things reminded you of the person.  As for Poo's ex it was not going to work out anyway because of culture different. Poo is a half breed but she grew up in Thailand. And as a famous nangek she have to hide everything about her personal life. Too much exposed she would be label as loSe woman.  she is too much for Thai guy because she is half white and they found her too bold and flashy. But to date a white person from western culture is too much for her. 

    3. Mai


      I dont think thats a normal reaction at all.  People can be mature and wait till things cool down to start deleting pics and unfollowing each other.  It seems like Poo is the more mature one because at least this time she didnt unfollow him.  Unless she cheated on him or vice versa no need to be so bitter.  They're both adults. 

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