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  1. Kwan and Golf meet and greet next year?! So excited for it!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. feysaelee


      No not yet I only no for sure Sacramento. But I'll let you know when the flyers come out.

    3. ooo


      omgg i wish they come FRESNO!

    4. feysaelee


      I think Fresno might be one of the city if I remember hearing. I'll post up more info as i get them.

  2. They b**ch and complain for 8 years! But apparently when the others do it now they are a bunch of crybabies. Smh.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NinjaKKN


      Protesting is our right so I don't mind it. But I don't agree with destroying public properties. It won't make anything better.

    3. nina7


      I'm definitely not opposed to protesting but people really need to know the difference between peaceful protesting and rioting. I encourage peaceful protesting by expressing our anger and thoughts of recent events but taking advantage of that and breaking store windows and such is a step gone too far and then it's not about expressing your freedom of speech anymore but just using violence on property or even people does more harm than good and solves absolutely nothing.

    4. ASH30


      And also, in the process makes Trump.voters feel like they are right. It is crazy...the protesters. When they get what they want or you agree with them they are happy and fine. But once your opinion is different they label you all such of thing. People should watch...President Trump:Why and How. It is so spot on. And was done by a liberal. It was interesting and so right.

  3. A week from today I will be graduating from college!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Sreymao



    3. newtolakorns


      congrats and best of luck on your new endeavor!

    4. feysaelee


      Thank you thank you!

  4. Just saw Kwan post a pic of her and Golf's family for his ordination into a Monk on IG. Hmmmm.... I thought they did not talk to one another no more.

    1. NinjaKKN


      I think they recently make amend. Even Kwan's mom was there too.

    2. feysaelee


      Oh. I did not know that. I saw pictures of the mom hugging Golf and Golf mom hugging Kwan. I just find it funny.

  5. I wish my finals were all exams and not essays!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. feysaelee


      Yes because my essay has to be over 8 pages long!! Exam only have 50 questions multiply choice. lol

    3. thailakorn123


      My essay was 20 page, and that was only for one class! I was like damn I rather it be exam! so stressful.

    4. Sunny


      wow, what are you guys studying? lol

  6. Praying for the world.

  7. I thought that an advisor is suppose to support you not put you down by saying you cannot do it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sunny


      If you know what you want to do, have motivation, is organised and have set goals, you will be able to do anything. :)

    3. Kimix


      wow. this is the 21st century, if they made you feel that way, you need to talk to another staff and tell them you were offended and discouraged!!!! We DO NOT need anymore negative and discouraging souls in this world! OMG! Im pissed for you!

    4. feysaelee


      Thanks Sunny! Yeah i was pretty upset that day with the advisor but I am schedule to see another advisor to talk about my graduation. Thanks Kimix!

  8. Ohmygee!! I am so happy!! Win-Kwan and Weir-Kwan!!! Its been too long!!

  9. Mint AF3 was so nice!! She is a good entertainment!! I enjoyed her concert more at the Thai New Year in LA.

  10. Win is back?! I think he is doing an action lakorn.

  11. I wonder who is going to the Thai New Year in LA this year.

  12. All these other events that are happening around the world and people are so stuck only this event.

  13. I hope my feet won't be dead by the end of this weekend!

  14. Feels like everyone is getting marry!! I cannot afford a new dress for all these weddings! lol

    1. Sunny


      Just wear the same dress to all of them but do different style of hair, make up and different jewelery lol

    2. Noydarny80


      I agree with Sunny.

    3. feysaelee


      I did that last night! thanks!

  15. MBLAQ won't be the same if those two leave!! =(

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. feysaelee


      I wish I got to see them in concert one time!! So sad!! @aikoden

    3. aikoden


      I wish I did too :( It's such a pity.

    4. feysaelee


      it really is @aikoden

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