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  1. MATERIALS YOU MAY AND MAY NOT TAKE You may NOT take: Summaries written by one of the Spicy Team Articles translated by the Spicy Team *such material is exclusive to Spicy only, and may not be shared outside Spicy forum* If you would like to share such material, you may provide a url link to the original source in this forum. You are not authorized to take such material and post it elsewhere, even if you chose to credit. You may take: - pictures - lakorn updates - clips - videos - music *such material must be credited properly upon sharing outside Spicy* - you must upload the pictures, videos, clips onto your own server, do NOT hotlink the original file CREDITING SPICY credit as follows: name of member who provided the source @ spicy forum url link to the original thread source was found sample: Bpom Ruk Roy Adeed confirmed leads include Kwan, Poo & Win *credit to aiaya @ spicyforum* http://www.spicyforum.net/index.php?showtopic=3973 The above sample is the only format we will accept as a proper credit. No member is special enough to override these rules, any person who choses to ignore can be banned without warning. Repetitive offenders will be permantly banned or deleted from the board
  2. Different ranks based on number of posts or on contribution to Spicy Forum. Selected member groups have access to different forums based on member activity and contribution. Validating Members: members that still need to validate their account. Newbie: 0 + posts Freshie Member: 15 + posts Junior Member: 75 + posts Senior Member: 150 + posts Advanced Member: 300 + posts Full Member: 500 + posts Elite Member: 1000 + posts Ultimate Member: 5000 + posts Spicy Specialist: Spicy little helpers, they work just as hard as the staffs Restricted Member: access restricted due to violation Banned Members: this rarely happens, unless it's an extreme case

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