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Aum Patchrapa Fanclub @ China

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I am glad to tell everyone that I set up a Chinese fanclub website for Aumï¼


though there are Chinese words on it and maybe you can't understand, well we still welcome everyone!



Our website is still under establishing~~I will make it more beautiful and attractive.

Welcomw :wub:*em:P*

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it's very pretty Chrissy!! Great job, yeah that language thing pop up on me lol

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If you want to join our chinese website

pls follow steps


do you see the button" 注册 join us" on top of the right?

then click it , it will pop out a window.


you will see some blank

"用户å" means your website name, you can give yourself a name of this website. so input your name

"Email" just input your email address

"密ç " means password, create your password and input it.

"确认密ç " means confirm your password again. just input your password again.

"验è¯" , click the blank, and you will see some words or numbers, just input them according to what you see.

Then you create your account in our website

3 next time when you want to see our web

just click the button " 登陆" on top of the right (which is beside "注册join us")

then input your webname and your password.

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LOL Chinese forum is always soo pretty. lol full of creativity. hahah it's very very pretty Chrissy. keke

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