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Some of ya need to show my new video site some love! :P

OK I'll try to upload Yaya's commercial clip to it tonight. :P

That brings a smile to my heart ;)

I did try Darvil... the video is only 9.9MB, and at first it looked fine, avg uploading speed roughly the same as Youtube. But after uploaded 1MB, it just got stuck, and I waited for 5 min, no progress at all...

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Thats very strange.. it should be working :) Any specific browser you were using? You got another browser you can use?

I'm using Windows Vista plus IE8 ka. Since I'm using ADSL 6Mbps plan, the normal upload speed is 40-50KB/s. when the problem happens, the "upload speed" still shows "64 KB/s", so I assume that the connection to the server got no response somehow (even not a "reset" message came back).

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The last time I attempted this, I had a google ad underneath the videos and you could enter your own google account and earn 50% what was made there. If the vid is popular then the better it is :) I'll have to reimplement that.


Can you try one more time for me? Do you have another browser like firefox? Just wondering ;)

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