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*prt* Happy 16th Anniversary. *prt*

I just realised that Spicy is now over half of my age! 16 old years and I’m speechless. I’ve committed myself for as long as this. I was young and motivated, all I wanted to do was make a forum to talk about my favourite celebs and mingle with those who had the same interest. I know its not the same as our first 10 years, the high times of spamming, laughter mixed in with happiness and war. *ha-ha*I feel like I grew up with another human that contained many personalities. *het*
Spicy have been a learning curve for me online and in real life, I learned a lot from many members throughout. I don’t know how long Spicy will go on for, possibly as long as I’m single and still watching lakorns I guess? :angel:: Or maybe for as long as I can still afford to pay the domain and license. *losp*
I do hope I can continue to keep this going, even at this low traffic rate and just keep it organised and updated as much as possible. *kisses*
Thank you to everybody for still hanging around, reading my posts that I reply to myself day after day *shy* I hope at least that my comments, updates or summaries do make you entertained. *lil*

Lastly without you guys at least logging in everyday I might have given up already but I know I still see many return and reading on so I’m happy. :kiss-kiss:

Stay safe and healthy everyone,
Love so much from me!

PS: Its OK if you don’t reply to this post I’m very used to it. *gh*

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Happy anniversary!!! :wub:

I joined in 2008 and crazy I was only 13 back then! It’s like I grew up with this forum.

I was only a middle schooler going to high school when I first joined, and now I’ve been a kindergarten teacher for four years! Crazy how time flies.

I stopped getting on forums for 3-4 years when I went to college but now I’m back. I’m glad I still get to communicate with everyone after all these years! *ksl*

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U know those "wars" won't slide in this era now. Lol #cyberbulling 

But anywhoo happy 16th anniversary spicy. Stay spicy and hot hot hot hot lol thank u sunny for still keeping it goin and those who still help contribute and keep it alive even tho it ain't Poppin as before. But we still steady goin (: 

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