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[News] Pat Napapa is 3 months pregnant and getting marry.

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Pat's husband is being accused and investigated for his involvement with a drug lord from Laos that the Thai police just arrested. The cars he sells at his dealership belonged to a drug lord and the drug lord said Ben's car business is among the many businesses he used to funnel his drug money and he has many celeb friends and hiso that are involved with this scheme.

If Pat's husband is really involved, boy, does she knows how to pick her man.


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Sunny, if you didn't share that I would of say 'Yeah, right. Typical excuses'; Lol. Congrat to her, indeed she deserve some happiness at this point of life. The number of babies to be expected next year is going up, Vicky Sunisa, Jane Jansuda and now Pat are all expecting. I wonder who's next?! Thank you Noydarny80 for sharing the great news!

Pans married to have a sister in law? Wasnt she just in a relationship with Tono? People sure move on fast. Congrats to her

From what I remember was, her parents divorce due to him having another wife or family OR also financial reasons. This causes her mother to be so stress that she started to have Alzheimer, if I remember correctly at some point her mum even try suicide. Pat became the only care taker for a long time and her father also demanded like money from her for some reason I can't remember. Anyways recently her father came back into her life because he had an illness and Pat, being a good child took her fa

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