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Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

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Yep we are awared of it. It will keep going down and back or is being really slow

it's all pvj's fault for announcing she's going to "use her authority as a silent reader" *fnny*

I think she meant her "rights as a silent reader"

Shamp was already telling me to ban her, when she used that word, she stamped her own demise *fnny*

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wash their mouth so they dont act all cocky thinking they have "authority" to leech... *fnny*

dont use fancy words if you dont know the definition...authority means power...thats what we admins have. We have the authority to ban you...you members only have the right to browse Spicy. We authorize that right *<ha*

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Mai was going to do that this month of after this month lol

do what? clean their stinky mouths? *fnny*

kidding kidding

I might not do a clean up, need to keep their usernames for ip addy purposes, keep track of these leechers *fnny*

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we should eh, but then we wont be able to keep track of those leechers who claim they dont come to spicy even though they've been members since 2007-2009. They claim they just found us on google this year, when in fact they've been members since forever *<ha*

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