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Tech Issues in Spicy Forum

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Ghosts? Eerry...

I am excited for asianfuseTV!!! I will have to explore and have some fun tonight. Thanks, Darvil for setting it up so we don't have to log on with new stuff. Using my Spicy username and password will be awesome.

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Yep we are awared of it. It will keep going down and back or is being really slow


Looks like you use the same username on AF, try using AF's password if its diff from spicy (or is it the same? then it should work). I'm having issues merging accounts for those using the same emails.. doh.


try one more time for me? relogin :D

also don't beat me up :(

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^ darv, i realized that i'll have 2 username in the video site because for asianfuse, my original name was xlilanimeanjox until i asked you to switch it.. so now it'll have aikoden & xlilanimeanjox ahahaha because i couldn't log aikoden through af but through sf so i tried my old username and it worked lol.. so now i have 2 profile >_< i hope you understand what i wrote because i confused myself writing this lol..

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Seems problem with the clock again.

I logged in at 00:23 AM local time here, it shows my last visit is "Today, 11:17PM"

and in some post that I posted yesterday, it does show "Yesterday, 10:27PM" sth

so I guess the system clock is going mad again...

and the "most users online", nows shows "16 Feb 2011", a giant number of 470+, same as shampoo observed yesterday, when it shows "15 Feb 2011" with that same number.

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