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  1. self-quarantine is a good time to catch up all the dramas/movies! 

    but what to watch? I'm so used to everything, nothing seem exciting anymore... 

    only my own lakorn that I made them up in my head lol

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    2. tovsleeptov


      your country is doing better than u.s. the spreading is still way behind. which is good to start practicing on social distancing. 

    3. Sunny


      Wait I read you guys are going up into the million soon! Omg I hope you guys will get over this and get it under control soon!

    4. tovsleeptov


      our government don't do shit lol. I doubt those number aren't real. a lot of people sick and died yea. but that Manny people died everyday, where did they put all the body? need to see some proof to believe it. 

  2. Coronavirus is not slowing down. Seeing everyone panic and start stocking up food making me kinda scare. I pray we are not heading that way 🙏🙏🙏

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    2. tovsleeptov


      this getting real bad. what a sad world we are living in. how much time would it take for thing to go back to normal? or will it even go back to normal? look at Italy, too many ppl sick that nurse and doctor have to choose who to saved and who they have to let go :(. we are heading that way in a few weeks if this keep up...

    3. LyLy


      Europe is more effected because they have one of the oldest elder population.  I'm hoping 2-3 months this will be all over... alot of countries are curing the vaccines.

    4. Sunny


      What we need now is people staying calm and stay inside, it'll help so much.

  3. Has anybody here been to New York before? Is it worth visiting? 

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    2. shampoo


      Actually, New York is popular for its use of taxi and especially underground train station. It will take you from point a to point b and required some walking distance. Even some well off people will take the train. We were on a train with these two well dress father and son using the train with all their golfs equipment. lol It is the most convenient way of transportation and faster then you can uber or taxi to your destination. It's cheaper that way. However, New York City has changed so much within a few years. Their train station pass has changed and confusing. 

    3. tovsleeptov


      yes, I did looking up on YouTube on how to use the subway, even download the city map lol. having to walk to the train station, 10 mins to the train station, and another 10 from the station to the destination is not bad, but 20 mins to the station nah. I feel that taxi is better for a 20-30 mins walk eh? or we can just walk lol. looking at building and shop make 30 mins walk go by pretty fast.

    4. shampoo


      Train station is everywhere within walking distance, at every corner. But those are smaller line so if you want to go somewhere farther, you will have to stop by the bigger station to switch line. Sometimes it's hard to take taxi due to the traffic there.  lol First year went, bought that package book for $150 dollars... I think it was $150 or less, don't remember but I thought that book was well worth it. I went to almost all of those place and you either get it at a better discount or some of them are free if you bought that book. Second time, only went for the weekend so it was more of relaxing and not doing much of touristy stuff. 

  4. Congrats to Mew! That is one huge diamond ring. 

  5. “Alita Battle Angel” must have a sequel!! 

  6. So Janie’s bf proposed. I don’t know anything about those two but Congrats to both of them ?

  7. just saw the trailer of “Mr. Sunshine” another project of Kim Eun Sook and the same derictor who made Dots and Gublin. Just the song alone gave me goosebumps lol. I’m so gonna watch this one. Been hook in book and game for awhile :D 

    1. Sunny


      She does a lot of good series, will she be able to do it again :)

  8. Merry Christmas everyone ^_^  Wow it’s been so long I almost forgot my password lol.

  9. So many upcoming lakorns that looks so good!!! I can't wait.

    1. sunnyaucheung


      2017 should be good. I'm looking forward to both ch7 and ch3 lakorns.

  10. Omg Trump is in the lead!!!

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    2. ASH30
    3. Sunyah


      Same here I'm disappointed Trump. I thought Clinton would have got this in the end but sad. Anyway now the Republicans won the President, Senate, and the House. I'm more shock that Republicans got control of the Senate, and the House.

    4. honda


      Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

  11. Do we have a thread for Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai ? I come across that Lakers, anyone know if it airs yet? I couldn't find the episode.

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    2. Sunny


      Its in the 'Previously Aired' In our Lakorn section because it ended.

    3. tovsleeptov


      Thanks Sunny. Havent watch any drama since Nirvana, then this one catch my eye.

    4. NinjaKKN


      I miss my Ah Biao.

  12. Fifty shade darker trailer look so hot! I can't wait.

    1. NinjaKKN


      The first part wasn't even good. Lol

  13. I'm craving for a good slap-kiss lakorn staring Nadech T_T!!

  14. Yey!! 'Finding Dory'. I love Ellen. Finally she's been waiting so long for this.

  15. always imagine if I win 200 million lottery, all my wishes will come true all the worries will be solve. But I never buy any. So I decided to start buying lottery now hehe

  16. I'm sure Angelbaby has plastic surgery. Why she keep denying it and says she's all natural? gee!!

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    2. tovsleeptov


      Lol people still don't buy it. Said the doctor can be bribe. Vaness's wife once show her x-Ray picture to prove she's natural too. But I didn't check if she has something done or not.

    3. Noydarny80


      I think Pat Natapa she claimed she didn't have anything done on her face. She said she lost all her baby fat and wear braces lol you can see she went under the knife.

    4. ASH30


      Didn't they try to sue a company because they said the company claimed she had PS. I read it somewhere...idk..saying a celebrity never had anything done is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  17. i wish Nadech lakorn could come out more often like Weir lakorn :(

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    2. Noydarny80


      Not really Weir have one Lakorn per year too.

    3. tovsleeptov


      I think he has at least 2 a year.

    4. Sunny


      2015 Nadech and Weir both had 2 lakorns.

      This year Weir & Nadech will possibly have 2 as well at least lol.

  18. Despite my busy life, I still have time fangirling lol. Dots is driving me crazy!!!!

    1. cheercee


      Totally agree with you!

  19. 'Descendants Of The Sun' scream amazing!!! Anyone watching this?

    1. MeU


      I just finished episode 2. Oh my god the lead guy is soooooo handsome!! He is so good looking!!! Finally a kdrama with good looking pranang! I can't wait for more. Why is he so hot?!!!

  20. OMGGG 'Descendant of the sun' teaser!!!! **faint**

  21. Happy New Year everyone!! May it be a memorable one :)

  22. Bored.... Need lakorn to watch. Why the lakorn I'm waiting for is taking FORVERRR to air???

  23. 'Roy Ruk Reang Kaen' he slapped her!!! WTH!!!

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    2. tsuyoshixlydia


      I liked that scene...

    3. tovsleeptov


      It wasn't a light slap it was a hard one. Gee!! If his character is having mental problem who can't control his anger then I might be able to accept that. Plus he didn't seem to feel so sorry of slapping her!!!

    4. cheercee


      It would be wierd if they ends up together at the end. lol

  24. God bless all the Syrian race. This such a heartbreaking situation :(

  25. Miley Cyrus disgusted me!!! She's not even talented!! She just got famous by go around naked.

    1. Sreymao


      She's older more disgusting lol.. I'll love her Hanna Montana days

    2. dhaf


      someone just wrote what i thought 2 days ago when i saw her pic in the VMA i had this reaction "ewwwwww" all the time

      i'm seriously start doubting she has a mental or psychological illness she need help, or she had an inner desire to become porn star coz that all i can think of when i see her naked pic all over the place

    3. Noydarny80


      I think she is a lot better then the Kardshanian family. Talentless people get fame for being nothing.

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