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  1. Coronavirus is not slowing down. Seeing everyone panic and start stocking up food making me kinda scare. I pray we are not heading that way 🙏🙏🙏

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    2. gumiho


      Our school has move our classes to online for the rest of the semester now. And shitty Trump just declared national emergency today but there’s still no testing kits and called it a hoax not long ago. :dontthinkso: I bet he already gotten the virus since the people he came into contact with got the virus now. If not he wouldn’t even declared it as a national emergency.

    3. tovsleeptov


      The government didn’t seem to do anything much only telling us to wash hand! Sigh... it’s getting so close to where I live. I don’t scare for myself but more worry for my family. Plus Im running a donuts shop where I’m seeing/taking to hundreds of ppl a day. 😓I kinda want to close my shop for 2 months but I would feel bad for my employees. Right now if we going into lockdown for a month or two it would be a great relieve for me. 

    4. LyLy


      Trump is a stupid fool.  I work at CVS and everyone is buying all the medicine as well.  Along with the toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face wash.  When we limit it one customer they look at us crazy.  I feel sorry for the older people that it does actually affect because they don't follow social media or the news and is out shopping regularly don't know why their is a shortage of toilet paper.  I just don't understand why people r hoarding so badly.  Just buy what you need.  I'm glad amazon and ebay stopped the people who bought in bulk and tried to price gauge.  They put an end to that.

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