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  1. Updates....

    Please changes this to Series 2 and pin it

    And please changes this to Series 3 as well

    Production is Magic If Entertainment 2 

    Please add cast names: Donut Phattharapon, Blew Worrapon, Pim Pimprapa, Gift Supicha, Ko Vasin, Praew Chermawee, Nada 

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  2. Pat's husband is being accused and investigated for his involvement with a drug lord from Laos that the Thai police just arrested. The cars he sells at his dealership belonged to a drug lord and the drug lord said Ben's car business is among the many businesses he used to funnel his drug money and he has many celeb friends and hiso that are involved with this scheme.

    If Pat's husband is really involved, boy, does she knows how to pick her man.


  3. Update...

    Correct title: [CH7] Tai Rom Pra Baramee Series (Pordeecom, Mummai, Didavideo, Kantana, Daravideo, Doomundee, Media Studio,
    Pasangyasorn, Samun Karn Lakorn)

    Cast: Weir Sukollawat, Yui Chiranan, Kwan Usamanee, Jakjaan Akhamsiri, Om Akapan, Peak Pattarasaya, Cee Siwat, New Wongsakorn, Porshe Saran, Thisa Varitthisa, Mik Thongraya, Mek Juti, Pim Pimprapa, and more


  4. I believe King Mongkut had over 200 wives but he fathered children with only 39 wives. As for Anna and the King, there was some facts to it but events in the story was mostly fictional. Even historians said Anna made a lot of things up so she can be able to sell her book. King Mongkut himself said the book was written from the wild imagination of one woman.

  5. That's exactly what King Mongkut said in an interview. He said all those wives made up for his years of celibacy in the monastery. Lol

    King Mongkut's brother, Rama 3th stole the throne from him. Mongkut was the crown prince so the throne should have been his but he was a monk at the time of his dad's passing. He didn't want to come out of monkhood and start a war to reclaim his throne so he stayed at the temple until Rama 3th passed away and then he became king.

    King Chulalongkorn married four of half-sisters. That's more disgusting than King Mongkut marrying his nieces. Lol

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  6. You know if Hugo's great great grandfather didn't die in his early 30s he would have become king after his older brother, Rama 6th passed away. But the throne got passed on to the youngest brother, Rama 7th after all his older brothers died. Rama 7th didn't choose a successor after his abdication so the court chose the young Rama 8th and the rest is history.

  7. Prince Vajiralongkorn is quite a controversial figure. He has many scandals which make him less popular and less favorable than his younger sister, Princess Prathep, whom many Thais adored. He also spends most of his time abroad so the people don't know much about him. As long as he does his duty well the people will respect him as their king but to be loved and
    revered as much as his father, that's a very tall order.

    The Crown Prince's exiled sons expressing their condolences to the royal family. They're living in America and they all have successful careers. From what I heard, the first son is a professor teaching law. The second son is an attorney. The third son is a doctor. The youngest son also has a law degree and currently works for the UN.

    Princess Soamsawali and the Crown Prince are first cousins. King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit were also cousins but distanced cousins. They share the same great grandfather, King
    Chulalongkorn the Great, Rama the 5th.

    Also noticed that one of the greatest Kings Thailand has had all died in October? Which includes Rama 4th & Rama 5th and now Rama 9th.

    And all of them are loved and revered by the people.

  8. This doesn't come as a surprise since the King has always been ill but it's still shocking to hear that he really has passed away. I'm very saddened by this news. May the King rest in peace. My deepest condolences to Thailand.

    All major channels has announced that they're halting the broadcast of all lakorns until further notice.

  9. Golf is part of the issue but I don't think the entire issue is about him. Money is the bigger issue. But of course Kwan's mom doesn't want Golf as a son in law, because she have said in interviews that she wants Kwan to be with someone much older than her and he must be a hiso. Golf is a hardworking guy but he's not a hiso.

    Kwan‘s mon said kwan should grateful to her sister,because keaw wanted a little sister who can play with her,so they gave birth to kwan *skc*

    She's so biased. Kwan's mom have said before that she has to compensate Kaew more than Kwan because she was busy looking after Kwan that she neglected Kaew. She said she feel bad that Kaew has to take care of herself growing up while she always went to lakorn sets with Kwan.

  10. http://pantip.com/topic/35683587(Her interview with 9entertain)
    Kwan's mom keeps saying she wants the issue to be between family but she keeps giving phone interviews about it nonstop. She says Kwan is irresponsible with money. Kwan went abroad and max out her credit cards, spending over a million baht. Kwan spends wastefully on brand name items and like to dine at fancy restaurants. Sometimes Kwan would spend 20,000 baht on just one meal. She says the house, car, and money sent to support Kaew studying abroad was willingly given by Kwan. She didn't ask for it. She says it's Kwan's money so she understands that Kwan can do anything she wishes with it. She says the money is in her name but after she dies we all know who will get the money. She says Kwan is suddenly changing because of that new friend in her life. Kwan used to be a good daughter but now the daughter who used to listen to her has changed. She says she saw Kwan's interview and she's sad that Kwan is demanding her money back.

    Man, she not only blindly love one daughter more than other she's also deaf. Kwan didn't say a word about wanting her money back. And with everything being under the mom's name, if she doesn't make a will giving everything to Kwan, by law everything under her name will be split evenly between her two daughters after her death. Perhaps, this is the reason why she's so scared of Kwan wanting Independence. She's afraid of not being able to do whatever she wants with Kwan's money.

    And here's her third interview. Man, this old woman just won't stop. Now, she says the issue is not about money but it's about her not being able to contact Kwan. She says she have always managed Kwan's money but now Kwan demanded a change, why, who does Kwan wanna manage her money. She says she kept the money for Kwan to use only and if Kwan wants money to do her lipstick business she should come and ask her for it and she'll give it to Kwan. Umm, Kwan asked already and you refused. When asks if she's still giving Kwan a monthly allowance of 40,000 baht, she laughs and says, $400,000. As for people scolding her, she's not upset because being born in this world anyone can be scolded. She feels indifferent and has come to terms with it because she considers herself as having merit.

    And here's her latest interview, Kwan is home now so they'll have a talk. Kwan's mom says if she hits Kwan, will the fanclub call the police to have her arrested. Hit Kwan for what? Can't you talk nicely with her? Kwan's mom is mental.

  11. A mom who truly love her daughter won't say "I can create you. I can also destroy you." I don't get what's so hard about giving a girl who's almost 30 her freedom. It's not like Kwan is asking for much. She's not even asking for the money that she made her entire life back. She just want her independence. Like Kwan said even though she's accepting work on her own, she'll still give half of her earning to her mom. How greedy and selfish can one mom be to her own daughter? Kwan's mom gave the excuse that Kwan is still young so she doesn't trust Kwan with the money. I feel really bad for Kwan. Even the new house that was built from Kwan's money, Kwan's name is not on the deed. Her name doesn't trust her to own anything so everything is under her mom's name. I bet after the mom passed away she's probably going to give half of Kwan's hard earned money to her beloved daughter, Kaew.

    Kwan has always been closer to her dad than her mom. She said he was the only person who understood the most.

  12. I feel bad for Kwan. She probably has to endure everything all those years. Kwan's mom and her sister are so fucking selfish. Kwan started working since she was 3 years old yet she doesn't own any assets at all. Nothing is in her name despite everything being her money. I understand her wanting to branch out and be in charge of her own money. It's unreasonable that she had to give Lauzi away to her sister although every penny used in that business is her money. Kwan only asked for money to invest but her mom won't give it to her. And now she has to start earning money from scratch. Like Kwan said no matter how much her mom and sister hurt her they're still her family but seriously, does her mom and sister ever care about Kwan's feeling. They're leeching off her and has been taking advantage of her for far too long. Kwan is too nice to start over. If this was someone else they'd have taken it to court and sue to get their money back.

    Here's Lookkaew's interview. She's such a lying b****. She said she and her mom never used Kwan's money. Her mom managed the money for Kwan but Kwan is asking for too much money to buy shoes. She also said Kwan spent too much money on foods. The money Kwan spent on eating out is more than an average person's salary. Lastly, Lookkaew said Kwan should stop creating an image and stop trying to ruin her family. Oh, please! You're the one who should stop trying to sabotage your own sister.

  13. After causing confusion as to what has happened with the family of nang'ek, Kwan Usamanee, because last night on October 7th in the Instagram of @kwanusa there’s a user by the name of momkwanusa2, which everyone knows is Mom Pranee Wittayanon. She posted the message “If you’re free please call me back. Please pick up my call as well.” That message got deleted. And in the Instagram of @momkwanusa2 there was a post “Nong Kwan ka, if you’re free please call your mom. We haven’t talked for a while. Do you still remember my number?” It also got deleted. The only post left is “Being mom and daughter will remain forever. If you can’t save your relationship life, please take good care of your life.”

    Recently on October 8th, Mom Pranee gives an interview via Matichon Online that she didn’t think what she posted would be a big issue.

    “It’s a normal message because I wanted to talk with her. I want the person (s) by her side to have sympathy for an old woman at home. I don’t know the movement of my daughter at all right now, aside from following her IG,” says Kwan’s mom.

    “In the past everyone knows how close Kwan is with me. Think about how I took care of her, taught her since she was little, and once the flower blossomed, other people picked it and put it in a vase beautifully and place it anywhere they wish.”

    “Right now I’m living with my dogs. Our family has few members left. Lookkaew got married already. I can’t contact Kwan at all. The only way I can contact her is via IG and what do you want me to do. I want her to know that I am sorry. Her sister returned from abroad for 3 weeks already, we still haven’t had dinner together yet. This is not right.”

    “I'm not in a coma to not be aware, not feel anything. I posted via IG. It’s a communication between a mom and her daughter.”

    As for the changes that happened with her daughter, Nang Pranee says she doesn’t want to go into details but she wants sympathy from the person (s) close to Kwan including some fans that are cheering to consider what’s right and appropriate.

    “I understand the feeling that the fanclub have toward their favorite celebrities but celebrities are people. They’re not dolls. They’re not objects that you want them to be this way or you just want to see the beauty onscreen without caring about other things.”

    How do you feel that people see your post as a way of exposing your daughter? She assures that this is not the case. As for the person (s) by Kwan’s side that she mentioned, she doesn’t want to name anyone but she believes the person knows it well and she wants to say if the person really loves and wishes Kwan well, don’t damage Kwan more than this.

    “And I want to ask Kwan, do you still remember my teaching? I want to tell Kwan that I’m her mom and blood is thicker than water. Don’t be strayed by the persuasive words of the people around her.”

    Mom Pranee also reiterates that Kwan is a good kid but right now people close to her are changing her life.

    “The master she received is academic but her mental health is weak. She doesn’t have a dad. She only has a mom. But lately there are people telling her not to let me go to the set. I’m 61 years old already. Let me stay home and take care of the dogs. Kwan is accepting works on her own right now. From before, it was my duty. Think about it. Will I be sad?”

    “As for people thinking that I want the money from Kwan’s work. Frankly, I do want it. But ask who am I keeping everything for. Because the time left for me to use the money is not much. How do I live my life? Do I use expensive stuffs? I’m not wrong in protecting my daughter this much.”

    She has sought advices from the elders at Ch7 regarding what has happened.

    “I am not crazy. I am not seeking attention but I’m asking for sympathy from the people close to Kwan that she has a mom,” says Kwan’s mom.

    Source: http://www.matichon.co.th/news/313465

    Kwan is not on speaking term with her mom at the moment. Golf probably has a lot to do with this since Kwan's mom doesn't want him to date Kwan and also the money issue of Kwan's family. Kwan makes all the money but she can't even use her own money because it's tightly controlled by her mom. From this thread, http://pantip.com/topic/35680293there's a leaked line between Golf and Kwan's very close fan. It seemed like Golf wanted to transfer money to Kwan's account because she doesn't have any money to use at that time.

  14. Michael is said to have a fan meeting in America next year. Not sure if it will be the same organizer as Weir. I hope not but OMG, Super Michael is coming to the states! I hope I'll be free to go see him. This will be Michael first time visiting America. I wanna go welcome him. Maybe I'll get to meet his mom, my future mother-in-law. *hehe*

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  15. They definitely hype things up for the fans by accepting events together. They did plenty of fan service at those events too. I don't blame Pat but I can't stand Tono and his attitude about the whole thing. He's always the manly guy that respects women and has always been clear. Blah, blah, blah. He definitely gave fans hope about Pat. Even Tangmo said Tono likes to do things through his action to give the fans hope but he never thought about the outcome of what will happen after the whole koojin thing fall apart. Pat said Tono protected her in his interviews from the fan backlash but never privately protected her, no call or anything from him. Tangmo said the same thing that he said this and that in his interviews but never once clear or apologize to her privately. He's a man of just words, no action. I think he just says thing to make himself sounds good and maintain a good manly image but in reality he doesn't give a shit about the other persons, Pat or Tangmo or anyone.

    With that said, I wish the best for Pat. She deserves happiness for all she has been through with her family debacle.

  16. His parents are separated. His mom has been living in the states for some times now. Weir have said he plans to take a few weeks off every year so he can visit and spend time with his mom. I think his parents separation probably make him think really hard about marriage. Before he wanted to get married by age 33, then 35, and now he's pushing it to 36. Lol

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