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Status Updates posted by natty

  1. Oh wow is sunny the only one who has a complete profile? lol <3

  2. natty

    hello.. bored

  3. oh wait i do lol

  4. omg never knew about this thingie lol

  5. helllooooo shamp!! ~_^

  6. natty

    you know.. it' should be spamforum.net lol..

  7. i'm going to try to make it a habit to say hi to you once a day shamp! lol.. OIL <3 FANG!

  8. oh gosh i so know what you mean!!!! too bad you cant abuse your power there lol..

  9. natty

    totally am not!

  10. daughter! ("\(^_^)/")

  11. dang... shampy is poopular!! lol..

  12. natty

    oh look.. the two spammers lol.. not only do they spam in the forum itself.. they also spam their profiles.. lol..

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