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Status Updates posted by natty

  1. "I'll love you forever.... until I find someone better"... hahaha wtf?

  2. "Love " means so much but destroyed so many.

  3. "When Passion Leads" the title for my next fanfic starring Nadech, Yaya, and two more I haven't decided.

  4. A love that is carelessly thrown out does not deserve a second chance.

  5. Ah, my mini 5 days vacation is over.. back to work for a week and a half before another 2 weeks of vacation to hawaii!!!

  6. Check up tomorrow to see if i can get my second session...

    1. Sunny


      Fighting my dear -^_^-

    2. natty


      thank you ^_^

  7. congrats federer.. i was cheering for murray but well deserved!!!!! great match..

    1. tipstar


      I kinda felt bad for Andy Murray. He played well for two sets then the roof closed. He had no chance after that.

    2. natty


      Yup I know cus federer is an amazing indoor player. Gosh I cried when he got teary.

    3. tipstar


      I think he was so excited to get No.17 but also the fact that Charlene and Myla got to see him win a Grand Slam. The twins are so cute!

  8. craving berries but i cant have berries.. so sad!!!!

    1. Sunny


      fighting Natty, revenge the berries cravings soon :D

  9. craving tomato and mozzerella caprese salad but cant have any.. this blows..

  10. dang... shampy is poopular!! lol..

  11. DARV!!!!!!!!!!! YOOOO NAI?!?!?!

  12. daughter! ("\(^_^)/")

  13. Did some retail therapy today on my business credit card. lol My brother will be getting a statement email on april fools day (still 4/1 here in the u.s) that wont be so april fools HAHAHAHA..

  14. DinResa.... so unfair!!

  15. Getting my second session tomorrow at 12 cus the doc wants to make sure i ate breakfast even if i may throw it all up later... here we go again.....

  16. Go be with the person who makes you happy but please do not disrespect the one who used to. At least remember that you were once happy with that person as well.

  17. natty


  18. Hate is a really strong word that I wish I can use easily but I can't. I'll just save it for bitches then.

  19. Hate is a strong feeling, so the more someone hates you the stronger their feelings are for you.

  20. helllooooo shamp!! ~_^

  21. natty

    hello peun.. diew nee mai kouy gun leuy na!!!

  22. natty

    hello.. bored

  23. I can't believe I got my muse back.. ("\(^_^)/")

  24. I have such a bad headache today.. Got me sick all day. (sigh)

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