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  1. A Love So Beautiful; a Chinese series, I did end up watching and enjoying. Very much. The male lead is such a cutie. And the female lead is a cutie too. My only complaint is that the 2nd male lead should’ve had his own happiness and end up w someone but [ spoiler alert ] he didn’t instead he continued to just love nek from afar but he was happy none the less. Lol 

    1. Sreymao


       Lol.. glad you like it haha.. so highschool but i enjoyed it too lol *hehe*Hu Yitian is a cutie. I was watching the handsome siblings and I like him already lol before I even watched a A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL .  He has a supporting role is GOGO Squid but his character is Cute I guess thats why they have part 2 ,his side of the story with his own nek lol can't wait. 

    2. Sunny


      Hehehe congrats! I have so many foreign series I have to get onto, I will probably be late and end up watching it all around the end of the year lol.

    3. passionalee


      @Sreymao you watched it too? Aww yay glad I'm not the only dork watching it ahahahhaah  everyone is saying or wishful thinking for a pt2 of this one.... Do u know if there's any?

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