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  1. Ummmi know this is super duper old but it's on Netflix and it's been catching my eyes cus I keep rewatching AKO but is BoyOverFlower worth that 25 episodes and time? Like does it have happy ending? Do pek n nek get together? And how many love triangle is there / heart break before they get together lol how often do I gotta cry n scream at my tv lmfao cus if anyone ever watched AKO the ending pissed me TF lol 

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    2. Sunny


      Oooh yea AKO was a good drama to watch on a rainy day but ending wise can be hard to take but its like almost an opening ending, up to you to think if its happy or not lol but overall of it was enjoyable.

      BOF is suited for younger adult, not us oldies hahaha

    3. passionalee


      @Sunny well that open ending for AKO should have a s2 lmao

      and yes BOF def for the younger teens lmao 

      also have you seen Cinderella and the four knights? Looks less stressful but everyone is saying it’s like BOF lol 

    4. Sunny


      I haven't seen Cinderella and 4 Knights, it looks like too dreamy hahaha

      If you are looking for a light K-series, I recommend 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty', its cute, when I watch it, makes me feel young hehe

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