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  1. Out here camping & I can see the fishes jumping up from the water lol #TooCool

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    2. passionalee


      Minnesota? Is that where that great big America mall is? Like the biggest of the world? Lol well at least u are keeping busy w road trip so that’s something too ^_^ @Sreymao

    3. Sreymao


      @passionalee. Yes, Minnesota.  Our great big indoor mall. MALL OF America.  Theme park inside the mall. By 2020 we will have a indoor water park like WisconsinDell. Its expanding lol. Our road we hasn't gone anywhere far also. Lots of sight seeing at nearby states or cities.  Alot to explore in Minnesota.  I grew up here but I miss out alot of Minnesota nature lol

    4. passionalee


      Really? That’s how big the mall is? And to even open a water park in there? Omg! Lots of tourists I bet! 

      I actually have no idea what else is in Min. Beside that Mall LOL ( u can see I don’t go out much from Cali LOL ) @Sreymao

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