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    i like 2 watch thai lakorn. and my favor actress is 1-Cheer T, 2-joy S and 3-pim pimmada....actor is Cee siwat..........

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  1. Do anyone know if Green is still in Kamin Gub Poom now that she become freelance?

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    2. Sunyah


      What? Green is a freelance. Wow CH7 is losing people from left to right.

      I don't get it if Green signed a 5 year contract last year with CH7. Why now in her recent interview she saying she a freelance?

    3. Noydarny80


      Just saw her recent interview in Sanook. She didn't say anything about being freelance. She also mentioned she is going to have another Lakorn beside Kamin Gub Poon.

    4. cheercee


      Sorry guys, I read it in ig so I didn't get to read the whole interview. What's wrong with the news headline now a days, they didn't even match the news inside?

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