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  1. Just got back from Hawaii...it kind of remind me of Florida and San Diego combined. The Lu Au was amazing though and weather was perfect but it's not unique. We stayed at Disney resort and it was a neat place. But I still love Bali more.

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    2. Sreymao


      I lived in SD my teenage years after graduation I moved back home. Tourists location it's pricy lol

    3. ASH30


      I don't know, I like those countries where you can tour the villages. When we took a cruise and docked in Belize we took a ride to the inside of a small town. The way people live is so interesting but Honduras was the prettier place. Hawaii is so overpriced. Just eating lunch by myself is like $50 that's expensive for me lol. And when I was there I saw the sunset once...didn't even want to go to the beach lol. We planned on going to Cambodia sometime next year unless things c...

    4. Kulab


      If you go to Cambodia, avoid staying in PP for long. There's honestly nothing to do and the traffic is insane. I'd recommend spending the most time in Siem Reap, and maybe Battambang and Kompong Som.

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