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  1. I was supposed to go to Hawaii today but had to cancel because of the pain I have with my dental work. I was so bummed out. The plane ticket was bought, a nice hotel to stay in honolulu and what happens...darn pain had to get in the way.

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    2. ASH30


      I can't chew with my front teeth because it hurts my gum to move it around. So, when I eat the noodles I pretty much just swallow. The pain is hard but when I had to pay for just two teeth is more painful lol. It was freaking $6,500 for two implants. I was like..you sure there's an extra 0? lol...I have more problems on the left side cause the bone was missing more. And he cut me pretty deep there too. But 3 months of no solid food. That's a killer.

    3. Mai


      Goodness why did I put a question mark latter my sorry to hear lol. Yeah implants are costly. That's why it's so important what you chew in. They quoted my mom 3k for one teeth. And that didn't include extracting the teeth etc etc. well at least you got it done now and just waiting for the healing process. Good luck!

    4. ASH30


      I have 3 teeth totally in all...so all 3 came to $10K. Thanks...I needed all the luck I can get. I can't wait when they say I can eat because I want me some good dim-sum

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