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  1. lol i have never watch any Mark Prin or Nedach lakorn before. Yesterday i was bored and decided to watch the lakorn with Mark Prin, Nedach, and Mint N. My mom and cousin were like who's peak, i said Mark and they were wow he is not handsome or cute to be paek. Nedach should be paek instead. That got me lmao.

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    2. Kimix


      lmaoooo beauty is in the eyes of the beholder haha I didnt fall for Mark at first too but his character kept me guessing if he was pra'ek lmaooooo until Nadech dies then I realized he was pra'ek lmaoooo

    3. Noydarny80


      For me it not about the look. Nadech was much better actor then Mark. His character was more important.

    4. Kimix


      ofc it was about looks and acting as well. even nadech came off as sharp, i wasn't interested in his character. mark's character came off as dull, passive but interesting. ahaha I remember wanting to know if he was going to end up with n'ek lol thats when I realized I have loved him lol

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