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  1. Prayers to victims in Las Vegas.   It's a sad world we're living in right now!  Hearing about shootings is the "norm" now.

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    2. tEaRdRoP


      I just feel so bad for my one nephew.  We were to celebrate with his bday with him instead he has this to remember for the rest of his life.  My heart cries for him every time I read his text messages. I only had 2 hours of sleep worry about them all night.

    3. Sunny


      @tEaRdRoP Oh gosh that is terrible to hear, sorry it happened to someone so close and dear to you. Us human are destroying human, we are the most scariest animal on earth. And I don't think it will ever stop :(

    4. shampoo


      So glad theyre safe teardrop! The poor guy.

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