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  1. The news said, Kaew straight up said that when she was still in school, she didnt "leech off" Kwan's money to support her oversea education. However netizen went back to the interview with the father several years ago and the father said that Kwan supported her sister and sent her abroad and was the main breadwinner of the family. BUSTED rofl. I remember watching that because he said he was really proud of Kwan for doing that. Plus, the mom said Kwan loves to eat expensively at fancy restaurants, but netizens went thru her ig and kwan has photos of her eating lots of street food. Nothing expensive.

    This is definitely a Cinderella life. Her mom and sister are definitely two leeches just sucking all the blood off the host.

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  2. I think she's closer to her dad out of the rest of her family. She's holding back her tears because both of her mom and sister don't support her. They're just leeching off of her, she needs her space and her life. She really doesn't want to speak bad of her family. What kind of mom tells their kid, I made you rise so I can make you fall. She also gave her LaUzi business to her sister, must be the mom that forced her to hand it over.

  3. That's the thing with Esther. Just because she becomes a freelance and been getting more dramas, both her and her mom are now snotty and arrogant. Sean is a sincere guy who respects other pple if they do the same to him. He talks about his mom and sister a lot of how they impacted his life and taught him how to live etc. Esther's mom must have disrespected Sean's mom as well to see the mom actually put that on ig.

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