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  1. Say what??? Shamp went? I'm assuming it's either the Sac or MN one. Fresno would be too random. Hmmm.

    People had positive and negative experiences, I'll leave it at that *gh* LOL, I won't say anymore... *ang* besides saying that I had a good experience because I met up with some of my girls for the very first time~~~ :omoomo:

    I would say a rough estimate of how many people attended the event would be about maybe 800+, but less than 1000? I think Sac had around 250-300+. I estimate Fresno to be around 160+ but less than 200. MN had the most with around 4-500+, and they were also the one with the most VIPs (since all of the VIPs tickets were sold out).

  2. The show was a Fan Meet & Greet w/ Mini Concert. I attended the Fresno one and it probably was the worst out of the 3 especially in terms of how things occurred (which I won't really touch or get into). But you know what, I enjoyed it despite knowing the reviews in Sac and how unorganized it may be. I was super debating if I wanted to do VIP or GA but I'm glad I got VIP because of the experience. Just seeing the cheery and smiling P'Weir enter the room to see his fans brightened the whole room and mood in my opinion. Some people just don't know how to appreciate and expect way.. way.. way too much. They're idolizing looking at him as if he's just an object or property. Plus I have to say there wasn't really much or any promotion for this meet and greet. If there was, it was all on FB only. Like.. even I forgot that the event was happening this past Saturday lol. P'Weir is superstar status but he was downplayed in my opinion. He definitely deserved better treatment, but it's a pity how everything turned out. We should be blessed that he even decided to come here. I don't have enough mula to go see him in Thailand yet so this was definitely worth it compared to my future flight tickets and hotel bookings *hihe* .

    I knew he was going to be tired from the air and road travels that were back to back but he was still so caring and warm to his fans, even when they were coming for selfies and interrupting his singing. I think it's fine to take selfies but.. don't swarm him please (even I was scared for myself and him lol and I didn't go get one). He still needs his personal space and do his job. I was glad to see the staff lining the crowd so that it'll be one at a time, though the line did come to block the left half of the VIP tables. As for some stolen sneak kisses... I'm not even going to talk about that.. nope.. nope.. nope.. *blah**nono* As for the game, VIPs shouldn't be mad because they didn't get picked. P'Weir was the one who went around and chose the fans to play. At the end of the day, I still don't blame P'Weir because we don't know what kind of contract his management and the organizers had. Fans shouldn't hate on him for this. It's understandable to be mad if you're VIP or GA but y'all can't say y'all did not enjoy the event. Just looking at the tired P'Weir going around trying to pump up the crowd with his silly dances and his adorable smile.. how can you not enjoy the mood? No hate please, just sharing my perspective.

    Enough about that.... here is my positive experience. I sat at the VIP table the whole time and felt like a little gal staring at her crush :13: and that plus the photo/hug satisfied my heart enough. *ang* He's like the sun~~ the "country/ban nok" sun 555. He sang around 5-6 songs. Mostly looktung, but he sang Kae Khun and that made my night even more~~ too bad I didn't get the recording ( I thought I did, I'm so sad *crycry*) and also when my question got asked and he answered with the lakorn Petch Tud Petch and Kwan's name... total swooning moment~~ :i38: The only thing I regret about this.. was not bringing my sister's good camera. My phone quality sucked so bad. *sniffsniff* I wanted to share good qualities with y'all but nope, I have nothing to show. Sorry everyone. I can only say that .. Don't hate P'Weir. If you were there, you'll feel all the positive and cheery vibes he gave off. He's really, really, really a sweetie pie, I can't lie :love9:*sy**incnt* . I'm happy to of have come and supported him. You can tell he really loves his fan. After all this, I just want him to rest up and spend some more time with his mom before he comes back. He needs all the rest he can get.

    To P'Sunny and all the other Weir fans, I hope and wish that y'all will get to meet him one day. Don't take these negative experience and put it to heart or blame it on him. It's really worth it finally get to meet him and see why you've liked or admired him all along *shy* .

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  3. I knew something was up..... ahhhhh :D :D :D

    I shipped them then.. and I'll ship them now if it's true. They were and is still adorable!

    It's so interesting to see how much they've grown as individuals all these years.. They've matured so much.

  4. lol there is a cast of this Chinese movie that was scheduled to walk on red carpet, but the staff must have messed up the schedule, they ended up going back to the hotel even though they were all dressed up and ready for the red carpet LOL

    This actually sucks! I feel bad for them. It was for Time Raiders, which had my dearest Jing Boran *shy* Random but.. if y'all didn't know, he and Ni Ni are a couple *kisses* .

    But anyways, I'm not fond of what Chom wore at all. I never realized how short her neck was either until I finally took a closer look and realized. I agree that Mai outshined Chom here.. she looks beautiful~~

  5. Thanks for sharing. I really like this new single of hers. I never expected Jannine & Tor together but oh they're rather adorable!!!

    As for the ad.. yeah it didn't make sense to me either but.. like I said... they looked adorable so it's all good :P

    Jannine is still young so I hope they don't change her style or look too much in the future.

  6. I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm just curious about the SugarDaily blog...

    I'm seeing alot of links at the bottom... and I don't think it's normal. Maybe it's just some coding errors? It takes up life half the scrolling page for me...

    This is what I see... and it goes all the way to the bottom.


  7. If only Sony Vegas had that option.. *shakeshead* But if they did, I bet they'd sell it even pricier! So I guess it's both a good and bad thing? *pvt*

    I'm debating if I want to get this program or NCH's VideoPad Editor. I sort of like both :P I've been using the videopad editor to encode some of my timed subs. VDUB, it just doesn't like me... unless I'm doing something wrong each time? hehe.. but yeah, I will debating on the two. *shy*

    I just love how this program is like everything all in one.

  8. ^ Thanks Aiyaja.. I guess I shouldn't work with flv files then. And I apologize about the srt file.. it might've messed up when i converted from ssa to srt. (I didn't check hehe..) but yes, it was just for a demo. So, I guess the video quality does matter. Drats, but oh well :3

    As for Sony Vegas, I have that program (cr@ck3d) *coughcough* but I don't use it to sub because... you can't import the srt or ssa files into it.. so you have to manually go in and add.. I like to work with subtitle workshop and then import the files..

    Thanks again Aiyaja, I sort of like the program.. I might buy it too.. one day :P

    Oh yes, and do delete the mv.. I do not want you to get a strike! I got one awhile back for uploading the mv with subs :P

  9. ^How is the quality of the hardsubs on the video? Is it based on the quality of the videos?

    I have problems trying to make the subs clear and unpixelated when encoding the subs with other programs... because it turns out looking like the video quality.. so the subtitles are pixelated too.. :(

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