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  1. Will be seeing P'Weir tonight~~~ XD

    1. Thip


      have fun! Hug him for me huhu

  2. After worrying and stressing myself wondering if I really passed my class, I did. Officially no longer an undergrad, C/O 2016 :D Now I just need to get into grad school.

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    2. awesomedua



    3. tipstar


      Congratulations, Julie!!

    4. aikoden


      Late as heck but thanks everyone <3

  3. Hello, hello, hello. Hope all is well on Spicy :)

    1. Mai


      hey Aiko! Long time no see! Missing you!

    2. Maiko


      @Aikoden: Aw, happy to hear from you again, Julie. <3 Hope you're doing well and fine, dearie! Good luck with school. :)

    3. Sunny


      Hope you've been well Aikoden, you were on my IG last week? hehe

  4. hello hello :) Happy New Year to Spicy! Hope everyone is doing well :)

    1. Maiko


      Hope you are as well, Julie dear! x) Good luck with your studies! :')

  5. First Aum A & Aum P's dogs past away.. now KZ artist KnomJean lost hers too. :( Seeing their pictures are always saddening. May their beloved dogs rest in peace.

    1. Lalita


      It's so sad, I have dogs too, so it's heartbreaking to hear about it

  6. Poor P'Aum.. her doggy passed away :( I feel bad for her, she's always in pain because of them.. boohoo.. may the doggy rest in peace.

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    2. Maiko


      Ooh, I just saw a picture of her and her poor dog. I remember seeing quite a lot of pictures of her with dogs, so I'm sure she's a dog lover, and it must hit her really hard. Yes, dear Aiko, may her dog rest in peace. T_T

    3. Sunny
    4. Mai


      I still remember that dog from WWY. So sad for her

  7. My niece is addicted and in love with Weir & Min. She tells me that she stalks a blog... and I go "Are you stalking Ninja?" she goes "How'd you know???" ahaha.. Thanks Ninja, for making her a stalker lol :P Have a good day/night.

  8. Oh my, why hello Spicies.. :) Sayonara again... my busy life.. :( Anyways, I hope all is well.

    1. Lalita


      Hi Julie! Hope all is well

    2. Maiko


      Hiya, Julie! :D You must have been super busy. Hope that you're able to sit back and relax at times! ^_^

      ~Maiko :3

  9. Can one of the admins reset my password over at the Sugar-Daily blog? LOL.. I can't recall it.. and don't want to do too many attempts.. hmmm. Thank you :3

    1. Lalita


      I will look into that, but I'm not sure how to do it for the blog lol.

  10. Awwe, no internet.. feel you :( and the banner of phet and rotmay was from their movie rak sood tai pai nah (first kiss) hehe :)

  11. THIP~~~ It feels like forever since I've last saw you~ MISS YOU!!

  12. I only watched like an hour of the first episode the other day.. so far.. the pace was sort of fast-ish.. but I have to say the quality of the lakorn is really good though :) And have good luck grading the rest of them exam papers..

  13. lol.. you're so funny tip :)

    i guess this is all we can do for now on spicy, since it's still down. have you watched raak boon yet?

  14. LOL, Thip.. It's been forever since I've been here.. didn't even realized you wished me a HBD lol... gahhh.. i miss Spicy :)

  15. it's such a pity na.. :( i didn't want to remind you but.. i was finally on youtube the other day and was like.. "what happened to p'sunny's videos.." NOOOOO!! you were so dedicated too.. *sniffsniff*.. i'm like scared to upload lakorns... esp ch7.. i don't know why they're so strict.. they should be happy that we're promoting them instead.. hmph....

  16. Hi Sunny :)

    I'm so sad... I just realized that all your channels are gone :( boohoo.. evil youtube!!!

  17. Whoo... it's been a long time.. i miss you and spicy!! i need to do my kwan catch up lol..

  18. awwwe thanks.. i sure miss spicy and everyone else *hugs*:D

  19. that's fine, just send me the pics you want me to use whenever you're ready :)

  20. Of course I can hehe.. Just provide me the pics you want and I'll make it :D


  22. thanks for the bday wish :)

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