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  1. So someone said to me they'd voted for Trump because he can make our economy better. So I ask, what if he doesn't? He answers with a shrug that basically he doesn't care. Trump is a better person than Clinton.

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    2. NinjaKKN


      It's going to be 4 years of miserable hell. The hope of Trump making the economy and America better is unreal. He bankrupted his own businesses out of his own stupidity. How the hell is he going to manage America?

    3. NinjaKKN


      And the racists feel so bold to express their hate now. In their racist mind, Trump will make white superior again.

    4. ASH30


      The problem is, trump's supporters takes him seriously but not literally while the other side takes him literally and not seriously. A lot that voted for him knows he can't fulfill all his promises but they voted for him because he's not a politician and he is not politically correct. They knows all his flaws but they know that he's unpredictable while Clinton is a predictable.

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