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  1. Omg all the lakorns now sucks. Bad acting. Bad directing. And the most important, they're all fugly.

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    2. krisayaporn


      Nang Rai is better than Puen Ruk Puen Rissaya. At least, I'm enjoy with Nang Rai. About Puen Ruk, I must leave all of logic for enjoy with this lakorn.

    3. shampoo


      I peak at every lakorn on air now. They're all ugly. It's like waking up one day and realize how unattractive these celebs become lol and ALL of their acting are bad.

    4. Sunny


      But its 2015. PS is so easy now but why they still not good enough? lol or is it too much that it makes them ugly? I'm happy with what I'm watching, I don't go near those bad cast and lakorns anyways lol

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