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    A Love So Beautiful; a Chinese series, I did end up watching and enjoying. Very much. The male lead is such a cutie. And the female lead is a cutie too. My only complaint is that the 2nd male lead should’ve had his own happiness and end up w someone but [ spoiler alert ] he didn’t instead he continued to just love nek from afar but he was happy none the less. Lol
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    Congratulations Mint Chalida, finally she graduated
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    Confused feeling with my '0' Birthday this year but I'm so happy to be spending this year active at Spicy, thanks to everyone who has made me smile throughout the year here.
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    On a side note. The Thai celebs seems to have all find their was to Tik tok lOL
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    Thank you for thinking of me, I'm home safe. (no virus yet) And I went to Ch3 event and saw many Ch3 celebs, I have no idea who most of them are haha but nice to see some that I know too! Real life wise, tiny little people lol!
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    That shooting in Korat is horrible! @SunnyI hope you’re safe in Thailand!
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    Chadwick Boseman of black panther has passed away. So sad 🥺 when I read that. He was such a promising guy... MAY he #RIP🙏🏼
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    Please keep my mom in your prayers 🙏🏼 She is & quoted from the doctor “ very very sick 🤕 “.

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