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[Attention] To the Admins

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Can admin fit this thread.

This lakorn is not airing at CH3 any more. Workpoint channel is airing this lakorn. Please pin it too it air already April 4, 2016.

Also please add the cast too since it been change.

Toey Pongsakorn, Wanchana Sawatdee, Mudmee Pimdao

Here the link:



This lakorn is already finish airing.


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lol thanks ka I was wondering what type of lakorn it would be with that title and I didn't even look at the thread haha

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Updates...Thank you

Cast: Ake Rungsriroj, Dome Hetrakul, Manow Sornsin

Cast: Kade Thunthup, Tubtim Anyarin, Bew Worrapon, Chingching Kharittha

Cast is changed to Bigm Krittarit & Bow Maylada

Please change title to Prink Khon Rerng Muang

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please pin


Casts: Mark Prin, Taew Natapohn, Mew Nittha


Casts: Toni Raekkaen, Rodmay Kanuengnit, Jason Young, Nat Thephasadin


please remove Jes's name and put Toomtam Yuttana


Thank you!

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